'Far Cry 5' Title Update 9 Patch Notes: Zombies DLC Assets Now in Far Cry Arcade

The latest update for Far Cry 5 is here, and it includes all sorts of new toys to play with in Far Cry Arcade. Title Update 9 adds all the Dead Living Zombies assets from the upcoming DLC to Far Cry Arcade, allowing players to use them as they see fit. As always, a whole slew of bug fixes and other tweaks are included in the update as well.

The latest patch for Far Cry 5 will be available starting tomorrow, Aug. 10 Ubisoft

The Title 9 update is free for all Far Cry 5 owners, and will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow, Aug. 10.

Far Cry 5 Title 9 Update Patch Notes

All the Dead Living Zombies assets included in the Title Update 9 patch Ubisoft

The full patch notes for the Title 9 update to Far Cry 5 are as follows:

1. New Additions

  • Support and assets for Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies added to the game
  • Shop content added to the game
  • Added generic invisible shapes to the Arcade Editor

2. Stability & Performance

  • Fixed multiple low occurrence crashes
  • Fixed and improved stability
  • Attempted fix for crash introduced in TU8

3. Missions

  • Fixed bug with skipping cinematic in Wolf's Den
  • Fixed an issue where the characters would have blood stains on their faces during the opening mission under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the client would be unable to see the host's weapons after completing the mission "Prairie Oyster Harvest"
  • Fixed an issue where the subtitles were not properly synced with the dialogue during the John Seed intro video after liberating Dutch's Island
  • Fixed an issue where the client would see an auto-drive popup when in the car with the Host and Hurk, during the mission "The Prodigal Son"

4. Audio

  • Fixed an issue with missing sounds when the P08 has a silencer equipped
  • Fixed Phaser pistols SFX continuing after leaving the Photo Mode

5. Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed player vehicle being damaged during outpost liberation
  • Fixed minor fishing issues
  • Fixed minor gameplay issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Bayek and Aya outfit would disappear when viewing the player from a far distance
  • Fixed various clipping issues with other special outfits
  • Fixed an issue where the D50 pistol was using the incorrect ammo type
  • Fixed an issue where NPC's could disappear after being kicked off a ladder
  • Fixed an issue where wildlife could be seen sinking into the ground under certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where certain button prompts were missing from the Live Tiles on the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the "Fetching Store Products" text could be overlapping the weapon's shop menu
  • Fixed autodrive message not displaying when activated.

6. Coop

  • Fixed issue with weapons disappearing in COOP
  • Fixed some clipping issues when aiming from the passenger seat while riding a vehicle

7. PC Specific

  • Minor improvements in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue when changing main display value may not affect game window if game works in window mode
  • Fixed various minor UI issues

8. Far Cry Arcade

  • Fixed various issues in Far Cry Arcade
  • Fixed issues caused by host migration
  • Fixed an issue where the "Waiting for map pickers" HUD would pop out for clients when the host was in the pick map page
  • Fixed an issue where players could be kicked from a party if the party tried to enter a lobby without enough free spaces available
  • Fixed some audio issues where the music could stop playing when joining a private lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the player could become invincible if a host migration occurred during the loadout page
  • Fixed an issue where buffs from previous sessions could carry over to new sessions
  • Fixed an issue where the map snapshot appeared off-screen for the host during map selection

9. Map Editor

  • Added new assets
  • Fixed issue with Asset and action point budgets
  • Minor asset fixes

10. Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC

  • Fixed airstrike issue in COOP
  • Fixed issues with weapon equips
  • Fixed an issue where the button flip controller configuration would cause the binocular zoom and airstrike command to use the same button

11. Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC

  • Fixed minor gameplay issues
  • Fixed issues where host would become stuck
  • Fixed various coop issues causing the player to become stuck on mission objectives
  • Fixed an issue where the world map could be unlocked in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where certain SFX could be heard playing during the ending credits
  • Fixed some audio replication issues for clients
  • Fixed some issues where the player was able to exit the map in certain locations

12. Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

  • Content added to the game

13. Photo Mode

  • Fixed various issues with Photo Mode
  • Fixed sound issues when using certain weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the shovel would become unusable when bringing up Photo Mode as the weapon breaks
  • Fixed an issue where photo mode was unavailable for the DLCs before completing the intro mission of the main game
  • Fixed issues with melee weapons

So what do you think? Are you excited to see any of the changes made in the Far Cry 5 Title Update 9? What would you like to see modified in the next update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.