'Far Cry 5' Title Update 10 Patch Notes: New Game+ Mode Added

Far Cry 5 again adds fresh improvements and tweaks with Title Update 10. Among the many new additions is New Game+ mode, allowing players to start a new campaign with previously earned items unlocked right from the start.

far cry 5 update title 10 patch notes new game mode
Infamous difficulty has been added to Far Cry 5 along with a New Game mode Ubisoft

The New Game+ mode also unlocks a new difficulty level: Infamous. Enemies are tougher in this setting, but those who make it through the campaign earn a special unlock. It should be noted that players should only commit to Infamous difficulty if they are up for the challenge, as the difficulty level cannot be adjusted without completely restarting the New Game+ campaign.

This update also serves as a reminder that the final Far Cry 5 DLC pack, Dead Living Zombies, will release tomorrow, Aug. 28.

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Far Cry 5 Title Update 10 Patch Notes

The full patch notes for Title Update 10 are as follows:

1. New Additions

  • Added New Game + Mode
  • Added IGE Scripting Tools
  • Added new weapons
  • Added new vehicles
  • Added new masks
  • Added new special outfits

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2. Stability & Performance

  • Fixed Audio issue that was causing an edge-case crash
  • Fixed a connection error bug when the Host of an in-game party created a private session
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur upon accessing the in-game party menu
  • Bug fix for rare stuck black screen upon Fast Travelling in Coop
  • Bug fix for error screen when moving an asset outside of map limits in IGE

3. Missions

  • Minor bug fix for Player inventory after some cinematics

4. Audio

  • Fixed minor audio/VO issues in Dead Living Zombies DLC
  • Fixed a rare audio crash

5. Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed minor player 3Cs issue

6. Coop

  • Bug fix for Coop Client spawning in the air without the parachute perk when the Host uses Air Drop to fast travel

7. Far Cry Arcade

  • Bug fix for Lost on Mars DLC weapons in Arcade
  • Minor bug fixes for Far Cry Arcade menu navigation

8. Map Editor

  • Fixed the Sky Occlusion Setting that did not properly interact with the light level of the map
  • Removed some folders that were doubled in Lights And Effects
  • Bug fix for texture issues on destructible generic shapes
  • Bug fix for Triggers and Actions for Scripting Tool
  • Bug fix for map budgets carrying over to new created maps
  • Bug fix for assets changing upon loading the map
  • Added IGE Lost on Mars DLC assets
  • Added IGE Dead Living Zombies DLC assets
  • Minor bug fix on some Hours of Darkness DLC assets
  • Minor bug fix on decals

9. Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

  • General bug fix for release

So what do you think? Are you excited to see all the new content added in Far Cry 5? What would you like to see in a future update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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