White Supremacists Now Have Their Own Anti-Islam Military Camps

Martin Sellner, the leader of a far-right group with its own military-style training camp. Reuters

Young, far-right Europeans are reportedly attending military-style training camps in France hosted by racist anti-Islam and anti-immigrant groups.

Members of Generation Identity, a pan-European youth movement that claims "white European culture" is under attack by Muslim immigrants, bragged about their para-military training in an exclusive new documentary, which debuted on Britain's ITV network.

"It was really good," one of the trainees says in the film. "We had like a mock demonstration. It was like really realistic because they had like pepper spray, everything. It was really organized.

The camps allegedly have an equal mix of male and female participants and include two hours of training each morning.

Generation Identity also has a three-step program for "patriots" who want to get active in combating "the Great Replacement," their name for the alleged Muslim takeover of Europe. The group is known for being tech savvy and adept at wooing a younger audience with its hip image. Its website claims chapters in Flanders, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy.

Like the alt-right in the United States, Generation Identity is afraid European governments are promoting a mixing of cultures that will eventually lead to a "monoculture." The group is relatively new, riding a recent wave of anti-Islamic rhetoric among many European politicians and the public.

The military-style training camp in France was also attended by members of Britain's far-right, including members of the United Kingdom Independence Party that spearheaded Britain's exit from the European Union and whose leaders are known to insult Muslims and oppose immigration.

Generation Identity's leader, Martin Sellner, is a far-right activist from Austria who was involved in the Defend Europe movement that chartered a 465 ton vessel to stop refugees arriving in Europe from Africa from being rescued in the Mediterranean. Defend Europe raised over $70,000 in grass roots donations to target and harass boats sent by international charities like Save the Children to rescue refugees who would otherwise die at sea.

The Defend Europe mission was a disastrous failure, and even had to beg a German refugee rescue ship to save it when its own boat suffered mechanical failures. The group was also banned from docking in ports in Malta, and eventually abandoned its mission because it was unable to refuel.

Despite the many setbacks, the group claimed success.

"Defend Europe has been a political success. Only two months ago, many NGOs sailed in front of the Libyan coasts, like cabs waiting for customers," the group said in a statement following their dismal failure. "Today, there is only one."

In reality, the number of rescue ships has been reduced in response to a decrease in the number of migrant boats departing from Libya.

Generation Identity's members slammed the documentary about their military camp as "fake news," and said that some of the comments were taken out of context.