'Fargo' Season 4 'Twice the Size' of Previous Seasons, Says Creator Noah Hawley

Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley said the fourth season of the anthology crime series will be the largest and best yet, significantly expanding on the show's approach to sprawling, complex storytelling.

"The cast is incredible," Hawley told Collider. "I would say it's twice the size of any story we've told, both financially and the scope of it, the scale of it, the period of it. There's no reason to do this again unless I think it could be the best one yet."

Like the Academy Award-winning 1996 Coen Brothers movie that serves as the series' inspiration, Fargo combines black comedy and complex crime stories. The first season premiered on FX in 2014 and was followed in 2015 by a critically-acclaimed second season set in the 1970s Midwest.

Like the movie, "Fargo" is set in the austere northern Midwest, and falsely bills itself as based on true stories. FX

The sprawling cast for Season 4 of Fargo includes Chris Rock, Andrew Bird, Jessie Buckley, Salvatore Esposito, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Uzo Aduba, Amber Midthunder and Timothy Olyphant. The series will follow two dueling crime families in 1950s Kansas City, one African American (with Rock at its head) and the other Italian. To seal a peace deal between the syndicates, the heads of each crime family agrees to trade their oldest sons. The novel arrangement is disrupted when the leader of the Italian crime family dies during a routine surgery, upending the tenuous peace.

The latest season of Fargo begins filming on October 15, with Hawley set to direct several episodes. In his interview with Collider, Hawley admitted that he is a bit behind on writing the scripts for Season 4.

"The first year I had eight out of 10 [scripts]," he said describing how writing on the show was mostly complete before the first season of Fargo began filming. "The second year I had probably six out of 10. This year, I'm in the five range."

Still, Hawley felt confident in the direction of Fargo Season 4. "I'm directing the first block, so in a perfect world I would be writing scripts, but instead, I'm prepping the show," he said. "But we mapped everything out. I know the journey and the writing process for me is not a belabored, lengthy one, so I'm not worried about it yet."

In addition to Fargo, Hawley is the writer and director of the upcoming movie Lucy in the Sky and the creator of FX's series Legion, which ended in August at the conclusion of the psychedelic comic book series' third season. He is also an author with five published novels, beginning with 1998's A Conspiracy of Tall Men.

The fourth season of Fargo will premiere on FX sometime in 2020.