Fashion Victims Of War

Ooh, that Hamid. he's such a dish. At Milan's menswear fashion show last week, the buzz was all Afghanistan--not guns but the buttery-smooth look of the war-torn country's new president, Hamid Karzai. The man does know how to dress--single-breasted suits supported with black no-collar shirts, flowing robes and fur hats, the hippest mix and match of exotic fabrics and colors. Small wonder Gucci design guru Tom Ford called him "the chicest man on the planet today."

Does this mean a return to 2001's trendy camo duds? Probably not. When terror took hold, last year's ammo belts and combat boots were suddenly deemed inappropriate--so Sept. 10. And they'll likely remain that way. After all, the motif for Ford's Milan show was a "return to elegance." Karzai's the future, darlings. "Terrorist chic" is way passe.

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