Fast Chat With Tiger Woods On His New Video Game

As he recovers from knee surgery, Tiger Woods has been spending time with his 14-month-old daughter and logging hours on his new videogame, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. He spoke with NEWSWEEK's Matthew Philips.

How often do you play [the videogame]?
A lot more now.

You ' ve said it ' ll be five months before you swing a club again. When was the last time that happened?
Probably since I came out of the womb. But seriously, even though I've had knickknack injuries here and there, I've always been able to go hit balls. Now I'm not allowed to do anything. So from that standpoint it's never happened.

Has it been tough watching the season go on without you?
Only during the majors. Other than that, not really, because I know I can't physically compete with those guys. I couldn't even beat my daughter in a game of golf right now.

Did you play videogames as a kid?
Dude, I grew up playing the Atari 2600, the 5200.

How realistic is this new game?
It's incredible. To play the same course that I've played in real life and have a putt break exactly as it does on the real green, it blows my mind.