'Fatal Affair' Ending: All the Movie's Twists and Turns Explained

Fatal Affair on Netflix has an ending which finally brings to an end David's (played by Omar Epps) campaign of terror over Ellie (Nia Long). The Netflix movie seems to bring the story to a happy ending, though not all viewers are convinced that there will not be a sequel.

What happened at the end of Fatal Affair on Netflix?

At the halfway point of the Netflix movie, we learn the identity of the two people seen dead at the start of Fatal Affair. They are David's ex-wife and her new boyfriend and, of course, David is the one who killed them as his revenge for Deborah leaving him.

Just as this crime looks set to catch up with him, and he is also set to be arrested for attacking Courtney (Maya Stojan), David sets fire to a homeless man in order to fake his own death. This sets up an ending where David is off the radar and on the warpath with Ellie.

David then sets up his endgame. He lures Ellie away from home, then breaks into her house to tie-up her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) and daughter Brittany (Aubrey Cleland), as well as killing the latter's boyfriend David.

Realising something's up, Ellie comes home and manages to get the jump on David, knocking him out with a vase to free her family.

As the police arrive, however, David kills an officer and chases after Ellie, Marcus and Brittany. Ellie manages to stab David, but as viewers of these kind of thrillers know, it takes more than that to end a Fatal Affair.

The trio end up on a cliff edge towards the end of the movie. Marcus throws David over the side, but Ellie tries to save him. Why she does this is not entirely clear. However, it could be that either she still thinks that the David she used to know can still be saved, or merely that she does not want to see anyone else die that night.

Either way, David ends up falling, and we see a body on the sand that seems likely to be David's.

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Nia Long and Omar Epps lead the cast of 'Fatal Affair' Netflix

Before we get a full confirmation that David is really dead, the actual end of Fatal Affair seems to be a happy one, with Brittany off to college as Ellie and Marcus move on with their life.

Viewers who expected a tease for a Fatal Affair 2, perhaps a shadowy figure watching the trio, will be disappointed, as David does not reappear after we see a body on the beach. However, as we have previously seen that David is willing to kill other people to fake his own death, it could be that he has done it again, especially as we only ever see the body on the beach from a distance.

Fatal Affair is streaming now on Netflix.