'Vile-Mouthed' Son Forced to Apologize After Harassing Supermarket Employees

A video that's circulating on Reddit has users praising a father for forcing his son to publicly apologize after harassing employees at a U.K. supermarket.

A Reddit user shared the clip, which was filmed in April, on Friday. The clip cuts together two videos: One, filmed by an onlooker, captures two boys screaming at employees at an Asda supermarket for an unknown reason; the other features one of the boys being yelled at by his father outside the grocery store and told to apologize to one of the workers he berated earlier. The second video featured in the clip was originally filmed and posted by the boy's father to a local Facebook group.

As seen in the video, one of the boys shouts, "I'm gonna come to Asda later. I'm gonna gonna come back here. I'm gonna f**king slice you up, mate. You little c**t." He then hops on his bike and pedals off.

Unfortunately for the boy, that footage made its way to the local "Gosport Aware" Facebook group, which is how his father saw the video. Later, the dad—Ben Baldwin—took the boy back to Asda and filmed him apologizing to a member of the store's staff, while reprimanding him.

"This is the boy that's so disgusting that everyone's put it on Asda's," the dad says in the video. The footage then cuts to the boy apologizing to an employee at the store.

"There's nothing else to say, but I'm sorry," the boy says.

"But you're sorry to who, Charlie?" his father continues. "Embarrassing people, yeah? Cause you're a vile-mouthed little bas**rd, isn't ya? Not being rude. I'm your dad."

Before extending an apology to everyone working at the store himself and promising a supermarket employee that his son wouldn't come to the Asda anymore, Baldwin tells his son how embarrassing the video was. "I've had to bring you down here, because you disrespect everyone, and now you're plastered all over Facebook. It's disgusting, Charlie. We don't bring you up like this," he says in the video.

Update: anyone who wants to know one of them was dragged back by his dad to apologise. The video is on Gosport aware Facebook page if you want to watch it. You can call my stepdad the Gandhi of Gosport 😂👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/VmDrTP5q60

— Beggy Mitchell (@riddikuluspost) April 14, 2020

Back in April, a Twitter user shared video of the scene taken by her stepfather. A day after she posted the footage, that same user also shared a screenshot of Baldwin's post to the Gosport Aware Facebook group. In his post, Baldwin reiterated that his son was not raised to harass employees and said that the police had been notified about the incident. He also posted the videos of his son apologizing. According to U.K. outlet The Independent, the post has since been removed from the Facebook group.

Newsweek reached out to Baldwin via Facebook message but did not receive a response in time for publication.

People on Reddit praised Baldwin for his parenting and forcing his son to apologize. "Good parenting. Lot of people on this site needed/need that," one person wrote. Another wrote that he "should give parenting lessons."

Some people criticized the father for yelling in front of his son. While commending the father for making his son apologize, one user said that he came across in the wrong light. "In the second half of the video, we saw where he learned that behavior. It's great to make the kid apologize, and to make him face the people he wronged and articulate why he did it and why it was wrong," the user wrote. "However, screaming at him in public and calling him a bas**rd just reinforces to the kid that anger and emotional loss of control are the correct way to handle problems."

Other people were simply drawn to the British accents. "As much as this kid scares me as a parent. I love the accents. Would listen to nasty kid yell at me anyway," another Redditor wrote.

The price in GBP of unleaded petrol, at £102.7, and diesel fuel at £108.7, is displayed on an electronic board outside and ASDA petrol station in Glasgow on April 21, 2020, as life in Britain continues during the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. A video of a father making his son apologize to Asda employees after harassing them has been circulating on Reddit. The father took his son to the chain to apologize. Getty/ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP