Father John Misty Covered Ryan Adams's Covers of Taylor Swift, and Obviously It's Amazing

Father John Misty
Father John Misty performs at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

We might have cast our votes for which artist sang the tracks of Taylor Swift's album 1989 better a few hours too soon. Monday afternoon, just as the Internet was fawning over Ryan Adams's total-album cover of Taylor Swift's numerically titled release had reached its peak, another musician decided to get in on the fun. At around 5 p.m. ET, Mercurial folk balladeer Father John Misty tweeted a link to his own cover of Swift's "Blank Space," calling it his "interpretation of the classic Ryan Adams album '1989.'" FJM added his own flair to the project by lending the track a Velvet Underground–inspired listlessness (it's basically the exact tune as "I'm Waiting for My Man," except Swiftier) and slapping the band's famed Andy Warhol banana next to 1989 on the art that accompanies his cover of the cover. Have a listen:

A few minutes after posting his cover of "Blank Space," he tweeted a link to a similarly VU-inspired cover of "Welcome to New York," this one equally lo-fi and hastily recorded—in direct opposition to Adams's polished, exceedingly earnest version—but with more fleshed out instrumentation and a psychedellic breakdown to match:

In case you're not familiar with Father John Misty, this is probably all a joke, one that likely deserved to be made toward what some see as a thinly veiled publicity grab from Adams. It's unclear whether this is something FJM had been planning or if the idea only hit him this morning once he was able to hear Adams's take on 1989. Given his spontaneity, the latter wouldn't surprise us, but it's hard to imagine his multilayered cover of "Welcome to New York" was conceived and recorded in a matter of hours. Stand by as we wait for Father John Misty to (hopefully) release covers of the other 11 tracks of Adams's classic album 1989. He might be done, though. His latest tweet was not a new song but a simple message: