'Fear Street' Cast: The Shadyside Killers Explained From Ruby Lane to Billy Barker

Fear Street: 1994 introduced fans to the Shadyside Killers, after young Josh (played by Benjamin Flores Jr.) had been researching the deaths in their town. His knowledge became incredibly useful when they were confronted with a new killer, and their friend Sam (Olivia Scott Welch) started to become one herself.

Throughout the films, the audience caught a glimpse of more of the killers, with Fear Street: 1978 introducing fans to the Camp Nightwing killer, while Fear Street: 1666 meant fans met the original Shadyside Killer, Pastor Cyrus Miller.

Of course, that movie also explained how those killers went from normal townspeople to serial monsters, and it turned out good wasn't so good after all.

Ahead are some spoilers for the Fear Street trilogy.

The Shadyside Killers Explained

Pastor Cyrus Miller

The first known serial killer is Pastor Cyrus Miller, who killed children in his congregation by gouging out their eyes.

Among these were Henry, Sarah Fier's brother (also played by Benjamin Flores Jr.), and Constance (Sadie Sink, who played the young Ziggy in Fear Street: 1978).

This came after he began muttering to himself and acting strange, then all of sudden Sarah (Kiana Madeira) found he had locked the children in the church hall, and killed them.

He was then killed by the villagers for his crimes, and it is decided Sarah is responsible for bewitching him.

The Grifter

Little is known about The Grifter, but a terrifying image was seen of him drowning someone in a river.

He wore a leather mask as he committed his crimes, which were also listed as including targeting and gutting women.

It may be, inspiration for his character came from Jack the Ripper, the Victorian murder who operated in London and also targeted women, sometimes removing their organs.

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Billy Barker

The main difference in Billy Barker is that he was a child who became cursed and killed his siblings using a baseball bat in 1922.

There is something particularly sinister about the child, given he wore a plastic doll mask over his face to commit his crimes, which were even more brutal because of his weapon of choice.

He returns in the finale sequence of Fear Street: 1994 - Part Two, when those who have worked out the curse try to trap the killers in the Shadyside Mall.

Humpty Dumpty Killer

Again, little is known about this killer, except that he operated in 1935 and left body parts for people to find, hence his name.

It may be, if a future movie does take place, that this villain will be considered in more detail.

The Milkman

The Milkman, aka Harry Rooker, used to kill innocent housewives while on his rounds in the 1950s.

He wore his blue overalls for his crimes, and a knife was his weapon of choice.

In Fear Street: 1978, he appears again and brutally attacks Ziggy (Sadie Sink), stabbing her continually while Tommy Slater (McCabe Slye) went after her sister, Cindy (Emily Rudd).

He is also trapped at the end of the final movie, as they try to lift the curse on Shadyside.

A still from Fear Street 1978
A still from Fear Street 1978
Fear Street: 1978

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a more prominent killer on all three movies, partly due to the appearance of her mother, Mary Lane (Jordana Spiro) in the second movie.

Ruby was a teenager in the 1960s who killed all of her friends at a party and then took her own life.

She is first seen in the first movie when a young girl was sat on a roadside singing "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love" to herself.

An unsuspecting Simon (Fred Hechinger) tried to flirt with her, before she thrust her razor into him and he realized she was the first resurrected killer to try to cause problems for them.

Her mother, Mary, tried to work out what happened to her in Fear Street: 1978, and it was Mary's book which led them to the underground nucleus of the curse.

Ruby also appeared in 1978 to kill Cindy and Ziggy, but was beaten to the punch by other killers.

Tommy Slater

Tommy is another familiar character who turned, thanks to the Shadyside curse.

He was attacked by Mary Lane at Camp Nightwing, as she knew he would be the next one to fall under the curse and go on a killing spree.

Soon, he began acting strangely, barely speaking and surrounded by flies.

It was quickly apparent he was not ok and he started to kill his friends and campmates.

At one point, Ziggy even covered his head with a sack in the hope of disorientating him, but this did not work and he began killing with the bag on his head, giving him his trademark clothing item.

He killed Ziggy's sister and his girlfriend, Cindy, last of all, and was another of the killers to be resurrected to hunt down those who were getting close to the truth.

A still from Fear Street 1994
A still from Fear Street 1994
Fear Street: 1994

Skull Mask

The first killer we meet in the series is Ryan Torres (David W. Thompson), aka Skull Mask.

He was a regular mall worker who was about to take Heather (Maya Hawke) on a date when he suddenly turned.

Soon, she was running from him as his agility and skill made him a tough opponent to beat, and his skull mask made him even more frightening.

In Fear Street: 1994, he was the main killer they came up against as he broke into their homes to get closer to Sam, who was his main target.

He reappeared in the final film in the killer trap finale.

The Goode Family

While they are not technically one of the Shadyside Killers, it was the Goode family who brought the curse on them, meaning they are the genesis of the killers.

They were also the ones who ordered the killers to go after specific people, as well as choosing who would become killers themselves.

It is safe to say without the Goodes, there would be no Shadyside Killers, so perhaps this makes them the deadliest of all.

Luckily, the youngest Goode was killed before he could do anymore damage, however, the end of the movie showed another person grab the witch's book, meaning it may be there are more curses on the cards.

Fear Street trilogy poster
Fear Street trilogy poster. Two of the killers are shown on the poster. Netflix

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