'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers: Someone Gets Captured?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 continues with episode 10 this week. The latest plot features a potential capture scene, a budding romance and walkers in a mall. Read the full SPOILER report below courtesy of a Spoiling Dead Fans forum post.

Episode 10 begins with the interior of a mall, as the voice of a man named Chuck is heard calling out for help. He had stopped by one of the group's supply stations and is now asking for assistance in death as the mall he lives in fills with walkers. He's been bitten, but he has no means of getting the job done. If possible, he'd like to be buried under the stars. Morgan, Dwight and Grace arrive to answer the call.

The trio scouts out the second floor while Grace grabs some candy. They come to an office with one of their supply boxes and an iPod preloaded with an audiobook for Grace. They also see a chair and some rope and assume "walker Chuck" has died and broken free from the shackles. Dwight discovers that the ground floor is in exceptionally bad shape. As the group contemplates going down there to look for Chuck, Grace passes out. Afterward, there's a scene where Daniel briefly discovers evidence of Logan's gas station trip from the previous episode. He tells the caravan to keep moving.

fear walking dead dwight morgan grace 5x10
'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 episode 10 spoilers are here. Someone gets captured and a romance sparks. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues August 18 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

Grace wakes up and has a heart to heart with Morgan about candy, but the sweet moment is interrupted when Daniel and Dwight have a radio chat about Logan being close. Dwight wants to leave the mall, but Morgan and Grace opt to stay and loot. When Dwight goes out to fill up on water, he and Morgan debate the ethics of hiding the location of the oil field from Logan. Morgan suggests they are doing the right thing even if it may not be entirely safe. Dwight heads off by himself to explore a nearby road.

Inside the mall, Grace tells Morgan she wants to go to the zombie-infested first floor to get inside the Urgent Care facility so she can use the medical equipment to diagnose her radioactive condition. While they're down there, they can continue to look for zombie Chuck. When Dwight makes a pitstop, he's captured by one of Logan's men.

While Dwight's fate tremains momentarily concealed, Morgan uses a remote control car to direct walkers away from the Urgent Care. He's really enjoying himself, so he doesn't realize Grace has been distracted by a walker that fits Chuck's description. It turns out not to be Chuck, but the whole horde of walkers gets disturbed regardless. Grace and Morgan have to board up inside a vitamin store instead. Dwight, on the other hand, is tied up in the back of a truck and is interrogated by Logan's man who asks about the oil fields. The hostage refuses to talk.

fear the walking dead dwight morgan 5x10
In episode 10, Dwight and Morgan ponder the ethics of leaving Logan behind. Van Redin/AMC

Things look much better for Morgan and Grace, who stock up on supplements and continue to flirt. Morgan tells the woman she is brave for fighting on in the face of her illness, but she rejects the compliment, saying she's just living day by day. She fully believes she has cancer. Encouraging Morgan to speak his mind, she then asks why the man looked so happy while controlling the toy car. Morgan tells her that he and Duane used to play with one all the time before the outbreak. Morgan then talks about taking a chance on his wife Jenny, but Grace never got to express similar feelings she had for a coworker.

As the two lonely hearts beat in unison, Dwight's captor threatens him by burning Sherry's letters. Dwight attacks the man in a fit of rage, which encourages a walker to approach. As the man turns to shoot it, Dwight tackles him and wrestles away his gun. Dwight returns the favor by knocking the man out.

Morgan and Grace find a generator and bring power back to the mall. When they go back to the security room to get the Urgent Care key, they notice on camera that Chuck is on the roof and he's still alive. They go up there and kill him under the stars at his request. Grace decides she doesn't want to go to Urgent Care after all, but she takes a ride with Morgan on an indoor carousel. Equally as forgiving, Dwight lets his captor go, insisting that the man take a less violent path than the one he's on.

At this point the convoy pulls up, Dwight gets a haircut and Morgan decides to leave Grace to go help Al. Both Morgan and Grace cry, feeling that this may be the last time they see each other.

Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead continues the Season 5 tradition of our protagonist group helping random strangers. But, as pressure from Logan starts closing in, will these good Samaritans be forced to change their tactics? By giving away so much, have they put themselves at risk? That's the central question viewers will be asking as this latest plot comes to a close.

Fear the Walking Dead continues August 18 on AMC.

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