'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 11 Spoilers: Who's Painting Trees?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 continues with episode 11 this Sunday, and we've got some advance SPOILERS to share ahead of the premiere. Per usual, the latest report arrives as part of a post on the Spoiling Dead Fans forums.

The episode begins with Alicia examining another painted tree, She still refuses to kill walkers, so Strand once again has to save her from imminent death. Strand doesn't like the idea of her seeking out these trees, but Alicia thinks they are a sign from the universe. Amidst this conversation, Wes, the motorcycle man picked up by Logan, calls over the radio to ask for a ride. The duo picks up Wes and loads up his bike. He tells them about his encounter with Logan.

fear the walking dead wes alicia 5x11
'Fear the Walking Dead' episode 11 features Wes and Alicia coming to terms with their struggles. Read the full spoiler report below. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues Augusy 25 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

Elsewhere, Al and Morgan are slaying walkers in a bank. Using the code given to her by an employee, Al opens the vault and puts her tapes inside it for safekeeping. She also questions why Morgan is here given that this is mostly a one-person job.

Wes, on the other hand, takes Alicia and Strand to a police station where he supposedly lives with his brother. When they get there, screams and gunshots are heard from inside. A man with a gunshot wound bursts through the door and Wes runs after him. The shot man steals Strand's truck and speeds away, destroying the gate protecting the station. This triggers a huge walker fight where Strand and Wes blast zombies with shotguns. Strand inadvertently shoots a tear gas canister, which temporarily blinds him. Upon further conversation it's presumed Wes doesn't have a brother and instead wanted to use Strand and Alicia to help him kill this man. The man apparently stole important belongings from Wes.

Closed in by walkers, Alicia asks Morgan and Al to come help them kill the injured man. The pair agrees to the request, but they're stopped by one of Logan's roadblocks. Logan still wants to know where the oil fields are, and they initially refuse to talk. After failing to find another route to the bank, however, Morgan agrees to negotiate. The conversation fails, and the search for an alternate route continues.

Back in the police station, Wes continues to search for his mystery item. After some resistance, Alicia gets him to open up about his brother who died early on in the outbreak. The bike Wes drives once belonged to him. Wes admits that the object he's looking for has nothing to do with the man and that he shot him purely because that's how things are. Shortly thereafter, Morgan and Al tell Alicia about Logan's roadblock. Wes uses the bad situation as an attempt to prove his point, but Alicia isn't buying it. She thinks the man can still be saved.

fear the walking dead morgan althea 5x11
Morgan and Althea need to find a way past Logan's roadblock in episode 11. Van Redin/AMC

Determined to help, Alicia decides to grab some guns and head outside to clear the horde. Strand objects, and Wes bursts out of the station instead. He has a hard time controlling the cluster, which allows one walker to bust through the glass door of the station. Just as Alicia is about to strike it, Strand plunges a gun into the walker's skull. Alicia guides Strand to kill the rest, while Wes continues to run point.

Once the horde is cleared, Alicia reaches out to Morgan and Al to tell them that they've found the man. It turns out he's still alive, and Wes asks him to return the bag he stole. The man tosses it at Wes and then starts fighting him. Wes stabs his assailant, and we learn that he stole a manuscript of a book Wes had written. After the man dies, Wes leaves the book behind.

Flipping through the manuscript, Alicia notices the phrase "if you are reading this, it means you are still here." She discovers that Wes is the man painting the trees and finds the supplies in his sidecar. While painting a tree of her own, a walker approaches Alicia and she takes it down. In the episode's closing moments, Logan breaks into Al's bank vault.

Much like episodes nine and 10, episode 11 is yet another vignette of Alicia's group taking care of a lost soul. This time, however, the young miss Clarke starts to slowly return to the strong but fair woman she previously was. As Logan stays hot on the trail of the oil fields, it'll be interesting to see just how much Alicia's compassion holds.

Fear the Walking Dead continues August 25 on AMC.

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