'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 13 Spoilers: Big Deaths & New Villains

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 episode 13 is almost here, and we've got some advance SPOILERS to share courtesy of a forum post from The Spoiling Dead Fans. In the latest plot there's a big death and a huge villain reveal. Read all the big news below.

The episode begins with Logan receiving a call for help on his radio. A woman is about to be devoured by walkers and he doesn't get there in time. Shortly thereafter, a group on horseback approaches. They're led by a woman named Ginny who supposedly has a bigger and better plan to help others that she wants Logan to know about. He responds by saying "I'm listening."

Next we get to see the group's oil-making operation in action. The supply is running ahead of schedule, but the residents of Tank Town are still glad that they'll be able to leave soon. Suddenly, Logan's truck pulls up full of goons with guns drawn. He intends to take everything. Meanwhile Alicia and Strand are called to handle another problem.

fear the walking dead luciana logan 5x13
'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 episode 13 features a big standoff between Luciana and Logan. Spoilers reveal what happens next. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues September 8 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

Logan asks for help from Rollie, but he hits a roadblock where Dwight and Sarah snag him at gunpoint. They intend to use him as bait to force Logan to let them back into the oil fields to help their friends. Once Logan finds out that Rollie's been captured, he gets mad. In the chaos, John appears and tells Logan's men to put their guns down or he'll shoot their leader. Logan calls his bluff and the guns stay up. In a moment of mercy, Logan allows Max, Charlie and the other kids to leave in a separate car. Alicia and Strand's car dies while trying to help the woman on the radio.

Back at the rig, Logan is overproducing oil for a group that he claims will help several people at once. He recalls his failed rescue attempt seen earlier in the episode and suggests saving needy individuals is a lost cause. Alicia and Strand appear to be coming to a similar realization.

As night falls, walkers become attracted to the noise of the increased oil production. The refinery becomes overrun so the good group leaves, but Logan's men stay. Some try to plead with him to leave, but he refuses and becomes trapped. Unwilling to watch Logan die, Sarah saves his life. Just when Logan feels he and Sarah are doomed, Strand and Alicia's victim is heard on the radio.

fear the walking dead john june 5x13
John and June arrive to help the refinery, but it's beset by walkers at night. Van Redin/AMC

Logan tells her where she can find a gun and suggests she kill herself. As she's about to, Wes appears. The victim is saved in the nick of time. Sarah uses the joyful moment to ask Logan to rejoin the cause. He agrees.

The next morning, Alicia, Strand and Wes tell the helpless woman to join the group. Despite Logan's change of heart, his men still want the refinery and plan to shoot it up. Ginny approaches on horseback and wastes them all, including Logan.

Ginny offers the same expanded helping pledge to the group, essentially saying she has the manpower to give the entire group everything they could ever want. However, she needs the refinery to make it happen. The group refuses, and Ginny's militia draws its guns. To avoid trouble, Luciana agrees to run the refinery for Ginny as long as the rest of the group can leave. She agrees and gives the others a tank of gas for their trouble. Apparently there's a new sheriff in town.

In episode 13, then, viewers are introduced to Fear the Walking Dead's next big villain. With Logan gone, will Ginny be worse? Can the others survive as a small group on their own? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead continues September 8 on AMC.

What are your thoughts on these episode 13 spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead? Will Ginny make a good villain? Tell us in the comments section!

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