'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers: Death & Marriage

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 nears its end with episode 15, as tensions escalate between Ginny and the caravan. Will Morgan and the others surrender to her unique brand of help? Can they survive on their own? The latest SPOILERS from a Spoiling Dead Fans forum post have all the big answers.

The episode begins with a propaganda tape clearly made by Ginny using Al's footage. She tells all those who need her help to tune in to Channel 5. After Al, Morgan and Tom watch the video at a TV kiosk, Al grabs the TV and smashes it to the ground. In response, Al starts making a new video to recount the group's hardships of finding a new home. They feel what they are doing is right despite the difficulties.

fear the walking dead 5x15 ginny
'Fear the Walking Dead' episode 15 spoilers reveal another clash with Ginny. Can she be trusted? 'Fear the Walking Dead' resumes September 22 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

As for Grace, she's still sick and Morgan refuses to be honest about his feelings for her. He is, however, happy to be back with the others after missing the takeover of Tank Town. Tom is also reunited with Janis, the woman rescued by Wes at the mile marker. As a result, Tom remains a believer in the caravan cause. But things get difficult for June, as more and more of the caravan's planned rest stops get ransacked. She's nearly given up hope but keeps pushing forward. The same can be said for Wes, who mulls over the idea of painting more trees once everyone's able to find a settlement.

After some deliberation, John suggests the group try to settle at the Humbug Gulch wild west theater nearby. Having worked there before, he knows the locations were historically designed to run without modern amenities. This moment of hope is quickly cut short as Grace's condition worsens. To keep her healthy, June suggests moving now. The group decides to stop at an abandoned retirement home to search for supplies before the journey. After the run, Morgan reunites with Grace and the romantic tension continues to build. For now, the group's goal of helping themselves is working.

fear the walking dead 5x15 caravan
As locations for refuge dry up, the caravan prepares for the worst. Van Redin/AMC

On the way to the Gulch the caravan is halted by a broken bridge. While everyone works to get themselves, and all remaining gas, to the opposite side, Ginny pulls up and offers help with guns drawn. After a bit of standoff, all weapons lower. Apparently Ginny has been watching the convoy closely and was waiting for a moment of struggle. She once again tries to get the caravan to join her and they refuse. She responds by firing guns in the air to attract a herd of walkers. In the scramble to get across Tom dies, insistent on telling the true story of what has happened. Once safe, they hold a small service for Tom where Morgan inspires everyone to keep their mission of truth alive. In the fervor, John announces plans to formally marry June. The group eventually arrives at the Gulch to find it overrun by walkers. Having nowhere else to turn, Morgan regretfully reaches out to Ginny for help.

In short, Fear the Walking Dead episode 15 sets up a big clash with Ginny in the finale. With nowhere else to turn, will they accept her rule? Will the caravan kill Ginny to reclaim her community and its resources for a brighter purpose? Should we be prepared for a red-wedding finale? Walker stalkers will have to wait until the next spoiler report to find out.

Fear the Walking Dead continues September 22 on AMC.

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