'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 16 Spoilers: Finale Death Revealed

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 episode 16 is almost here, and the finale has major implications for the rest of the series. As usual, a post on The Spoiling Dead Fans forums recaps the whole episode in advance. Want to know which character is next to die? These SPOILERS reveal the answer.

The episode begins as Dwight runs frantically through the woods after possibly hearing Sherry's voice on a walkie. He arrives back at the SWAT truck and panics when he hears horses approach. As it turns out, the horses have no riders.

At Humbug Gulch the situation is bad, as the location is totally overrun by walkers. Morgan asks for Ginny's help, and she offers it after gloating about how she controls the future. She agrees to aid Morgan, but suggests all his group may not stay together when they're relocated. In particular, Grace is concerned Ginny will see her sickness and leave her to die. She also tells Morgan that she and her coworker hooked up as the outbreak began. John and June also fear separation, because June doesn't want to revert to the woman she was before John.

It's at this point that Dwight arrives with his horses. He suggests that if there are horses nearby there might be enough water for independent survival. Despite Alicia being strong enough to start clearing, however, there's skepticism that Ginny would ever let them go. The group also doesn't have enough guns to hold her off. Morgan sees a sign with cowboys herding steer, and he tells the others he has an idea to handle the human threat. He's going to use the walkers to surround Ginny's people and take their supplies. They escort the zombies back to the SWAT car and hide them. Al isn't satisfied, though. She notices patches near the horses that suggest Ginny may be involved somehow.

fear the walking dead wes alicia 5x16
'Fear the Walking Dead' episode 16 has moments of peace and horror. Read pour full spoiler report below. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues September 29 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

After Strand argues with Daniel about the possibility that living with Ginny might be safe, her convoy approaches on horseback. She's excited about taking the SWAT van. Because Luciana has arrived with them to fuel up their cars, Daniel calls off the herd. Strand, on the other hand, decides to approach Ginny's convoy in acceptance.

Towards the Gulch, Daniel and Morgan have a hard time wrangling the herd. Eventually they get overwhelmed and are forced to push all the walkers into a nearby stream. Dwight barely makes it out alive, but everyone is eventually safe. Everyone but Strand has returned to the Gulch with little to show for it. Al notices some of the walkers wearing the pins she found and believes Ginny may have exterminated this settlement in the past. Morgan sees no point in resisting now, so he tells the others to enjoy their last moments of independence. With that in mind, John and June get married using Dwight and Sherry's rings.

Ginny and Strand eventually arrive in the van. Morgan says he is done resisting, but only if Ginny takes all of the group. She reluctantly agrees to the demand. Ginny and Al talk on the van, and she questions Ginny again about the helicopter. Most are transported in seperate cars.

fear the walking dead grace morgan 5x16
With Ginny approaching, will Grace's health cause complications? Van Redin/AMC

In the end, Grace is hauled off, leaving Morgan and Ginny alone. The two fight, and Morgan is shot in the tussle. During the altercation a radio call reveals that Grace is pregnant. Ginny leaves the wounded Morgan to die, and he says what are presumed to be his final words as a group of walkers closes in. "What we were doing out here it wasn't just about doing right. It was about the future. We fought for the future. We made the hard call. For her. For all of us. So, Grace, if you're listening to me...live. All of you, if you can hear me, just live."

And that's a wrap for Season 5. Is Morgan really dead? Will he be saved just like his old pal Rick? How will the rest of the group fare under Ginny's control? Fans will have to wait until next year to find out!

Fear the Walking Dead episode 16 airs September 29 on AMC.

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