'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 4 Spoilers - Black Helicopter Mysteries

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 continues with episode 4 this week, and a new SPOILER report from The Spoiling Dead Fans forums reveals all the juicy plot details. Strand steals a plane, but what happens next? Get the full recap below.

The episode begins with Daniel and his cat Skidmark clearing traps around his settlement. While the owner is away, Charlie sneaks in to find Daniel's plane under a tarp on a trailer bed. Charlie hides in Daniel's SUV when the man approaches, and Strand discovers that the instrument panels on the plane are gone. In their place is a note from Daniel that tells Strand to call him. Vigilant as ever, Daniel admits he took the panels because he knew Strand would break in.

fear the walking dead 5x04 strand
'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 continues with episode 4, as Strand tries to steal a plane. Read the latest plot spoilers below. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues June 23 on AMC. Ryan Green/AMC

Elsewhere in the plot, Morgan and Alicia are still very much unaware of the setup they're clearly in. Offering fake help, Dylan sends the duo on a wild goose chase toward a location where he claims the trap setters have made camp. When the boy sneaks off to tell Max and Annie what he has done, he learns that his brother and sister are actually in trouble. They see the person in the black suit that knocked out Althea and hide from her. The unknown assailant clears some walkers and leaves the area carrying two suspicious cases. Matters worsen for Max and Annie while they wait, as some tied up walkers get released. With no option left, Dylan asks the hoodwinked Morgan to help save his siblings.

fear the walking dead 5x04 dylan
Dylan has a change of heart about Alicia and Morgan in episode 4. Ryan Green/AMC

Back at the Salazar compound, Charlie and Daniel work together to clear out a trap. Despite those earnest intentions, Skidmark complicates things by directing walkers to the wrong location and accidentally setting off a machine gun. Amongst the chaos a mini-herd forms. Daniel initially plans on luring the walkers back to his place, but Sarah reveals his walls were taken down during the plane theft. Without a second thought, Daniel agrees to use a radio to lure the herd away while the others take his plane.

Rather than doing that, Strand and the group go back to help Salazar. When the guns on the swat van fail, Strand uses the plane's propellers to essentially grind up the remainder of the herd. It works, but the plane is broken in the process.

As for Morgan and Alicia, they're able to save Max and Annie at the very last minute. When they do, they're surrounded by a group of weapon-carrying kids. It's Dylan who pipes up to say the duo can be trusted. We learn about a group with weapons and uniforms that had been in the area a few weeks back. Shortly after the reveal, Max notices a black helicopter and tells everyone to find cover. That's apparently what the group came in on, and it's suggested they must have "found what they were looking for." The episode ends with both groups together, and Dylan suggests finding a way to fix the plane.

For fans of Fear the Walking Dead, then, episode 4 is somewhat light on reveals and drenched in mystery. While their introduction has been slow, it would appear this new group just might be the central villain of future episodes. They've presumably taken Althea, but what else could they want? With Max, Annie and Dylan finally cooperating, there's potentially a lot more information these kids might share.

Fear the Walking Dead continues June 23 on AMC.

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