'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 9 Spoilers: Midseason Premiere Plot Revealed

Fear the Walking Dead returns this week, with its episode 9 midseason premiere. As usual, SPOILER sources at The Spoiling Dead Fans have revealed the plot of the upcoming episode early. Are there any major character deaths worth knowing about? Read below to find out.

The vast majority of episode 9 is shot from the perspective of Althea's documentary-style videos. In the opening minutes, we learn that the group has mostly healed and works to help people in surrounding areas. A huge part of their economy is Clayton's gasoline source, but they leave Clayton on the side of the road before he's able to learn the location of the depot where the rest is stored. Sarah, Dwight and Daniel monitor the oil truck, while Alicia ensures the local roads are clear.

Speaking of Alicia, she no longer kills walkers and is instead training with Morgan to embrace more passive tactics. With this mindset, the pair has amassed a small, mobile community that travels between outposts, Grace and June are responsible for making sure the journeys between posts are successful.

fear the walking dead  5x09
'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 midseason premiere spoilers have arrived. In episode 9, Alicia embraces a more peaceful path. 'Fear the Walking Dead' continues August 11 on AMC. Van Redin/AMC

The plot shifts when Luciana and John hear a woman asking for help over the radio. The duo enlists Morgan and Althea to investigate. They find a woman named Tess, who refuses to leave the house after her husband Ben went out to find an inhaler for their son and hasn't returned. She warns the group not to get too close, and they discover Ben has rigged the area with landmines.

June and Alicia are dispatched to find an inhaler, but are unsuccessful. Instead they join Strand, who patrols the perimeter to look for Ben. Strand saves Alicia when she's approached by a walker, and he notices the zombie is wearing a backpack. They sift through the bag and find an inhaler. The walker is presumed to be Ben.

Back at the house, Morgan and Al help Tess clear her yard of walkers. Trouble ensues, however, when Morgan gets careless and accidentally steps on a mine. Now, he's unable to move. It's at this point that Strand, June and Alicia return with the inhaler and the news of Ben's death. Tess denies the story and initially refuses to come outside to get the inhaler, but, when Morgan tries to disarm the mine incorrectly, she steps outside to give him a pin that gets the job done. Tess decides to join the mobile community, and they enjoy a nice pad thai dinner.

fear the walking dead morgan 5x09
Morgan narrowly escapes death via landmine thanks to some help from a new character named Tess. Van Redin/AMC

At the close of the episode the camera pans out from Althea's taped perspective to a man watching the footage on a TV inside a barricaded building. He picks up a radio that reads "Channel 4" and stuffs it in his bag. The man then starts scavenging the room and finds boxes of supplies labeled "take what you need." Near one box is a hammer, and he uses it to break through the locked room behind the TV, hoping there may be a generator inside. There's a cut, and he exits the building with a can of gas.

Just before the man is about to leave, Logan pulls up. He accuses the man of stealing the gas and questions him about the location of the oil fields. He denies knowing about the source of the oil but admits to stealing it. Logan takes the man's motorcycle and tells him to call the group and give them the message that "they're making more enemies than friends and that he has the ammo and guns to retaliate."

Season 5 episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead is all about affirming Logan as the show's central villain for the foreseeable future. With Morgan's group in control of the gas, they're about to start a war against others who want the valuable resource for themselves.

Fear the Walking Dead episode 9 airs August 11 on AMC.

What are your thoughts on the Fear the Walking Dead midseason premiere based on these spoilers? Does Logan sound like he'll make a good villain? Tell us in the comments section!