'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere Spoilers - New Characters & Episode 1 Plot

Fear the Walking Dead returns June 2, and we've got all the hot SPOILERS you're looking for courtesy of the latest report from the experts at the Spoiling Dead Fans. In a recent forum post, the group details the new characters and essential plot details revealed in episode 1.

The premiere begins with two fresh faces, Max and Dylan, hunting a deer. They kill the animal, but the noise alerts a nearby walker. Just before the pair is about to meet an unfortunate fate, a plane smashes through the trees and crashes to the ground. Alicia appears from the smoke of the rubble, and she saves the two boys from the zombie threat. Beyond that, we learn episode 1 takes place about four months after the Season 4 finale.

Fear the walking dead dylan and max
New characters like Dylan and Max are the focus of the 'Fear the Walking Dead' premiere. Ryan Green/AMC

There are, of course, other major plot developments worth looking forward to. In investigating the plane crash, Althea discovers a major detail that might offer a clue about the "helicopter people" that removed Rick Grimes from the main series. And, while many of Althea's recorded tapes remain a mystery, attention is paid to one titled "Skidmark." Many insiders feel this tape has relevance to the continued story of Daniel Salazar.

For the most part, though, episode 1 is about establishing arcs for new characters instead of fleshing out previous ones. Viewers won't see Daniel or Dwight in the premiere, and Madison is also nowhere to be found. Instead, we'll meet survivors like Max and Dylan, Annie, Grace and Logan. Grace has some relationship to studies of radioactive walkers, while Logan, played by Matt Frewer, is established as the dubious leader of the denim factory. We also learn that he's the partner of Clayon, the truck driver Luciana tried to save at the end of last season. Speaking of Luciana, she's the only character to get seriously hurt at the scene of the crash. She's taken away on a stretcher. That's all we know about the Season 5 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead .

Fear the Walking Dead continues June 2 on AMC.

Does this spoiler report get you excited to watch the Fear the Walking Dead premiere? What else do you expect to see in episode 1? Tell us in the comments section!

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