'Fear the Walking Dead' Spoilers Tease Midseason Premiere Ties to Alexandria

Fear the Walking Dead returns this week with the ninth episode of the season. Following the reveal of the midseason trailer at Comic-Con in July, we have a few new details about the upcoming summer premiere. In short, Alexandria looms large in the upcoming plot. The news arrives via a recent post on the Fear the Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page.

SPOILERS follow this break. Those who want to go into Fear the Walking Dead episode 9 with a fresh perspective should turn back now.

Fear The Walking Dead Morgan Alicia 4x09
Morgan refuses to let Alicia isolate herself in episode 9. Ryan Green/AMC

While fans won't see a memorial service for Madison in episode 9, her death has a major impact on its plot. In the weeks after her passing, Alicia distances herself from the group by moving out of the main house of the mansion. She often goes off by herself in search of purpose and thinks she'll find it by talking to others and offering to help them like her mother would.

Things aren't much better for the rest of the crew. Strand locks himself in a wine cellar to drown his sorrows, Luciana hangs around listening to Patsy Cline records and June finds solace tending to John's wounds. She tells Althea she's afraid to go back to John's cabin because he may realize she's not the woman he believes her to be. Althea tells her this is not the case and that her tender response to John's injury proves that.

Knowing how dangerous it can be to distance yourself from human contact and emotion, Morgan offers to take the group to Alexandria in Althea's armored car. After what he's experienced, he realizes that Rick was right by saying he needs a society and people to survive. He especially wants Alicia to take the offer, but she, and everyone else besides Althea, declines. By the end of the episode, only Morgan and Althea are committed to reuniting with Rick.

When episode 9 concludes, fans are left with a few lingering questions. While there's a glimpse of the storm shown in the Comic-Con trailer, it's unclear what impact the bad weather might have. Althea also makes no mention of Abraham, despite having a tape with his name on it in her collection. It's possible we'll hear more about those details as Season 4 carries on.

As with all spoilers, nothing in this summary is proven fact until it airs. That being said, while minor details may be incorrect, we imagine the bulk of the information will be valid.

Fear The Walking Dead returns Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. local time on AMC.

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