Fearless Cat Caught on Camera Chasing Away Coyote

This cat sure is dedicated to neighborhood safety.

Footage of a brave black cat chasing off a wild coyote late at night last week has gone viral online — and impressed cat owners across the world.

Members of British Colombia's Port Moody Police Department happened to be canvassing the right place at the right time late last week. The Canadian police officers working the night shift stumbled across an impressive scene between a coyote and outdoor cat in a quiet parking lot near their station.

In any other scenario, one would think the coyote would attack the smaller cat and come out victorious. Coyote attacks on people have even been reported as recently as February, when a particularly vicious one on the loose in California had managed to attack five people, including two children.

However, in an unexpectedly humorous turn of events, the cat pounced on the wild animal, chasing it around a parked car and out of the lot.

The officers who caught the interaction on video posted it on Friday to Twitter. "The things our patrol officers see at 4am," they wrote. "Cat 1, coyote 0."

The video has been viewed over 19,000 times, and pet parents have gotten quite a kick out of the scene.

The things our patrol officers see at 4am... cat 1, coyote 0.#portmoody #neveradullmoment @PMPDcat pic.twitter.com/shuOkwhAqu

— Port Moody Police (@PortMoodyPD) May 14, 2021

"Hire it now. That cat is packing some fierce cattitude - and a few more of its 9 lives in its badge — I hope kitty stays safe - coyotes & raccoons are a common nuisance that didn't used to be around," one Twitter user wrote.

"K9 Cat gave chase to [Wile E.] Coyote and ran into ACME lane before cat pounced on suspect," another joked.

Several compared the actions of this bold cat to their own fierce animals.

"Reminds me of our cat, Rambo. He probably put the run on all sorts of wildlife up on Burke Mtn. back in the day!" one person recalled. Another viewer who noted she parents two cats herself, said that the video "does not surprise me."

While some viewers expressed concern that the coyote may have been stringing the cat along and leading it to its hungry pack ready to attack, the Port Moody police reported that this cat got very lucky.

"Thankfully that's not the case," the department posted in a subsequent tweet. "We followed the lone coyote out of the area. And the same cat was seen doing [its] rounds in the parking lot again this early morning!"

Another coyote in Connecticut also recently went viral for its adventures around cars. But unlike this one who sticks to parked vehicles, the animal was caught on camera speeding down the highway during a busy morning commute.

Cat chases and scares off wild coyote
A brazen black cat dedicated to neighborhood safety managed to chase off a skittish coyote late at night. LEFT TO RIGHT: EMILEE CHINN/GETTY IMAGES, EAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES