Fearless Cat Has 'No Concept of Life or Death' in Hilarious Viral Video

A video showing a cat's hilarious lack of care for his own safety has gone viral online, amassing more than 900,000 views.

After melting hearts online and providing more than a few laughs with his fearlessness, Fred has gained over 195,000 likes with the post.

Fred is a rescue cat living aboard a docked boat in Greece, but he doesn't have the survival instinct you'd expect him to have, according to his owner. "I'm convinced that Fred was born without survival instincts," she said in the video.

She added that he's "unafraid of strangers and pretty much anything else," as a clip of Fred simply glancing at a hoover played, with the hoover directed straight toward him.

Another clip showed them running a deafening boat engine right next to Fred, who simply continued about his business, completely unfazed by the noise.

"He likes to square up with dogs," she added, showing him face-to-face with dogs much larger than him. Another video showed him literally scrapping with a dog, lunging his paw out toward it.

"Unlike most animals, he has no concept of life and death," she continued, showing him perched on a bench and lurking over a boat.

Usually, cats have intense natural instincts. Feline food brand Iams lists the most common ones as having an "independent spirit," being territory markers, loving "to hide, stalk and pounce on toys or food" and having different sleeping schedules.

Despite initial suspicions, Fred's owner confirmed in a comment that he is not deaf, as they too had assumed he could be at first.

Fred was previously a stray cat in Greece, when his now-owners heard him meowing from the outside of their boat. "He was in poor health and definitely needed us," they explained in a previous TikTok video.

They got Fred a bed and food and took him to the vet, where he received "medicine and special food." It was then, they said, that his true personality began to show.

Fred is known and loved by local kids who are all too aware that he loves attention just as much as they love giving it. Despite not being the "brightest bulb on the Christmas tree," he does have other skills, including "knowing exactly what to do" when it comes to heart-melting pictures.

"I like how his personality is pure chaos," commented one TikTok user.

"I'm not a cat person, but Fred made me want a cat," added another.

"This is Fred's world and we just live in it," wrote one viewer.


We are so happy Fred decided to meow (really loud) outside our boat 🐈😹❤️ #heartwarming #love #animalrescue #funnycat #cutestory

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