Feisty Pup Changes Her Attitude When 'Mom' Is Called in Hilarious Viral Video

Some dogs know when to cut the bad behavior. In the video posted by TikToker @allybubba, a young brown Boxer pup named Sadie is shown play-biting the hand of her human sibling. While the interaction appears as harmless rough-housing, it's what happens after the biting that has the internet in stitches.

The girl in the video (who also appears to be the one filming) screams, "Oh my God," before calling out for the one person the pup knows well enough to stop biting: Mom. Immediately, Sadie backs off and sits on the carpet as if none of it ever happened.

"That's what I thought," the girl says. The feisty dog then jumps onto a nearby recliner chair with her tail between her legs where she looks to plead the fifth.

Fellow TikToker @AlxJames led the comments with "she really just called you a snitch, I can't." Hundreds of others liked the statement and weighed in.

"When they say my dog don't bite," TikToker @Kourosh added.

Many others joked that the pup did a good job pretending to be completely innocent despite being caught on-camera. Though you never actually see "Mom" enter the room, it's clear by Sadie's expression that she could at any moment.

Miniature pinscher in a car
A TikTok video of a sly dog has gone viral for how quickly she straightens up when "Mom" is called in. In the photo, a miniature pincher looks out of a car. Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

The adorable video was first posted in December 2020 but it has recently gained new traction in new areas of the internet. Now it's up to nearly 16 million views, 4.1 million likes, and almost 30,000 comments in favor of the dog's good behavior.

Famed dog trainer Cesar Millan said on his website that, "when a dog is scared or sad, they will stick their tail between their legs. This could be a stance they take when they've done something bad." And if they're really scared, "just calmly assure them that everything is okay." While Sadie's tail is between her legs, she does it in a playful way.

Commenters noted the similarities of the pup to another family member that's known to annoy an older sister. "That ain't your dog, that's your little brother," @C_Lee75 wrote.

"Definitely little brother vibes," @HollyRay said.

"He may not know what no means but he sure knows what moms means lmao," @joeperge commented.

Some compared Sadie to Scooby Doo, probably due to her light brown color and mischievous behavior. The famous boxer has a few other viral videos on the platform with most of them racking upwards of a hundred-thousand views or more, but none more viewed than this one.