Fifth Grade Student Claims Teacher Put Duct Tape Over Her Mouth Because She Talks Too Much

A mother from Nashville, Tennessee, is claiming that her 10-year-old daughter's mouth was duct taped shut because she talks a lot during class.

Victoria Phillips told FOX 17 on Thursday that her 10-year-old daughter, Reagan, speaks a lot during class and doesn't always raise her hand before talking or asking questions. Phillips said her and her daughter were working well with school officials at DuPont Tyler Middle School on the fifth grader's behavior, according to the news station.

Phillips told FOX 17 that her daughter came back from school a few weeks ago when she explained to her what happened in class that day.

"Reagan started to cry, and I am like, 'What's going on? Tell me what happened Reagan?' And she's like, 'Well she put tape on my mouth.' She put tape over your mouth? And she said yeah," Phillips told the news station.

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DuPont Tyler Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee. A mother of a fifth grade student at the school claimed her daughter's teacher allegedly placed duct-tape over her mouth because she was talking too much in class. Google Maps/Screenshot

The mother of the fifth-grader said her daughter told her that the teacher, who remains unidentified, allegedly pulled off the tape from her mouth and caused her to bleed, FOX 17 reported.

"She ripped it off, and it started bleeding," Phillips told the news station.

Newsweek has reached out to Metro Nashville Public Schools for comment on the incident but did not hear back in time for publication. The school district told FOX 17 that they are aware of the claims about the incident and the Department of Child Services are currently investigating.

Phillips told WCVB 5 that what they did was completely unacceptable and demands an apology to her daughter.

"That messes with you for life, and then as a mother to protect, it's like, that messed up our trust, she felt like I knew about it and I allowed it to happen," she told WCVB 5.

In November, a substitute teacher from a school in Pasadena, Maryland was removed after they allegedly taped a second-grade student to a chair after he refused to return back to his seat. The substitute teacher, who remains unnamed, at Lake Shore Elementary School, allegedly told one of her students that he would tape him to his chair if he didn't return back to his seat, the Capital Gazette previously reported.

"The student found the remark funny, and the teacher proceeded to do as she said she would," Lake Shore Elementary School Principal Julie Little-McVearry wrote in the letter sent to parents, according to the publication.

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