'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Will Give Characters Greater Depth

Final Fantasy VII Remake didn't appear at E3 this year, which wasn't entirely surprising given Square Enix's focus on other major franchises like Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest. But this week, director Tetsuya Nomura provided a brief update about the game's ongoing development to Famitsu, during an interview about Kingdom Hearts III.

According to Siliconera, Nomura promised deeper development of the game's characters, particularly the members of the resistance group Avalanche. This probably refers to some of Cloud's teammates during the opening Sector 7 reactor raid, like Jessie… and that chubby one… which admittedly doesn't sound especially exciting. But a more fleshed-out version of Avalanche could also influence some of the game's playable characters.

Cloud and friend from avalanche
Finally, we can learn more about... this guy! Who Cloud is very bored with! Square Enix

Based on Barrett's backstory with Dyne and Marlene, we have a pretty good idea about why he hates Shinra and wants to make them pay for building Mako-leeching reactors all over Gaia. But we don't really know how he came to be friends with Tifa, or why she ended up in Midgar after the Nibelheim incident. Her motivations are likely pretty similar to Barrett's, but it would be fun to see them play out onscreen, and to find out how it all ties into her owning the Seventh Heaven bar. A deeper dive into Avalanche would also provide more context about life in Midgar, FFVII's most memorable and enduring setting.

Beyond Avalanche and the early hours of the story, it'll be interesting to see how much the Remake team fleshes out characters elsewhere in the game. Will we see Zack Fair and his interactions with Aerith? Will the story pull in some of Vincent's backstory from Dirge of Cerebus? Is it possible to make Cait Sith slightly less useless and irritating?

Nomura also told Famitsu the FFVII Remake's overall scenario will keep the atmosphere of the original intact. Hopefully, this means all the goofy side content will be included, like transforming Cloud into the prettiest girl in Wall Market, taking a bath with Mukki and going on a romantic Gold Saucer date with Barrett.

cloud barrett date
What a romantic evening... Square Enix

Nomura also expressed confidence in progress of the game's development, which is going "favorably." Square Enix is currently figuring out when to release further details about FFVII Remake. Earlier this month, Newsweek reported that while the game was originally a collaboration between developers at Square Enix and CyberConnect 2 (best known for the .hack series and the Naruto Shippuden games), problems with that partnership convinced the publisher to develop the game on its own. It's not clear if Nomura's team had to completely start from scratch on FFVII Remake, but it certainly helps to explain why there was nary a peep about the game at E3.

What do you hope to see from Final Fantasy VII Remake, apart from more topless Sephiroth cutscenes (obviously)? Let us know in the comments.