Get Ready For 'Final Fantasy XIV's Moonfire Faire 2018 Seasonal Event

Final Fantasy XIV's summer seasonal event, the Moonfire Faire, is returning this month for another few weeks of fun in the Light of the Crystal.

In order to access the event, you'll want to speak to Mayaru Moyaru, the little onion-topped Lalafell, at the Aftcastle in Limsa Lominsa. You must be at least level 30 to unlock the seasonal event.

"The arrival of summer is heralded by the relentless heat of the blazing sun and the distant crackle of fireworks, while festival chaperones prepare for the Moonfire Faire. This year, they have gone far beyond the usual assortment of colorful baubles and banners, devising a series of challenges that allow glory seekers to demonstrate their bravery before admiring onlookers. But be warned─only those possessed of a strong pair of legs and a stomach for dizzying heights may hope to conquer this most death-defying test of acrobatic prowess," the official site teases.

Event items include:

  • Endless Summer Coffer: a banded chest containing a complete set of Endless Summer attire
  • Endless Summer Glasses
  • Endless Summer Top
  • Endless Summer Bottom
  • Endless Summer Sandals
  • Emote: Splash
  • Mosquito Moogle (tabletop): A traditional Hingan ceramic incense burner used to ward of pests. Traditionally not crafted to resemble a moogle, however.
  • Curry Plate (tabletop): A Hingan twist on traditional Hannish curry, tailored to the Far Eastern palate. Can be used up to 10 times. Meal benefits when used: Direct Hit Bonus +4% (Max 12), VIT bonus: +4% (Max 8), Gear Durability Bonus: +2, EXP Bonus: +3, Duration: 30 min.

The clothing rewards may be worn by both male and female characters, which is a nice touch.

The Moonfire Faire begins Aug. 10 at 4 a.m. EDT and ends on Sunday, Aug. 26 at 7:59 a.m. EDT. Seasonal quests can't be completed after the event has included, so if you're looking for some fun in the Eorzean sun, make sure not to miss out on the Moonfire Faire.

Are you looking forward to this year's Moonfire Faire or are you too busy battling Rathalos? Feel like picking up some of last year's goodies? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.