Everything You Need to Know About 'Final Fantasy XIV's Rathalos 'Monster Hunter' Event

The fearsome Rathalos is now part of the world of Final Fantasy XIV as of patch 4.63, which adds a slew of Monster Hunter content as well as a new area to explore in the Forbbiden Land of Eureka.

Rathalos is the target of "The New King on the Block" quest, which is available to players who have reached level 70 and completed Stormblood. (You know, just a little light work.) You can accept the mission by speaking to the hearty hunter in Kugane with an average item level of 320 or higher.

The questline reaches its apex in an eight-player battle against the dragon Rathalos, which, according to Square Enix, "incorporates mechanics inspired by Monster Hunter World." Once Rathalos is beaten the first time, players can take on the challenge once more, made even more difficult by halving the player count to four and adding "additional hurdles to overcome."

During part of the Rathalos fight, you can only heal with special Monster Hunter potions. Rathalos will also attack anyone at any time rather than prioritize targets according to tried-and-true DPS-tank-healer formula

If you manage to defeat the Rathalos, a bevy of Monster Hunter-inspired goodies will be yours, including Poogie and Palico minions, a rathalos mount, a set of Rathalos mount, special furnishings and orchestrion rolls and more. This crossover will be a permanent event.

In addition to the headlining Monster Hunter collaboration content, patch 4.36 adds a new area to the Forbbiden Land of Eureka called Pagos. To travel to the new area, players must complete the Anemos story, then speak to Rodney near Pier #1 in Kugane. Pagos features more friendly elementals with helpful enhancements and some "adorable happy bunnies" who will help guide you to the locations of buried coffers.

Also coming soon to Final Fantasy XIV is the return of the annual summer event, the Moonfire Faire, which begins August 13 and runs until 10:59 PM EST on Sunday, August 26. Players will be able to obtain both old and new event-exclusive items.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Players on the fence can enjoy the free trial and level to 35 before transferring your character to the full game.