'Final Fantasy XV' Kooky Bundle Brings Purple Chocobo and More to Twitch Prime Members

Want that purple chocobo for Final Fantasy XV, but haven't used Twitch Prime before? Not sure how to link your Amazon Prime account? Here's all the info you need to get kooky.

Square Enix has teamed up with Twitch Prime to bring Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition owners the Kooky Bundle, which includes the Kooky Chocobo and 10,000 gil. Best part? It's completely free for Twitch Prime subscribers, and you already are one if you have an Amazon Prime membership. The bundle will be available until April 21.

You don't need us to tell you that your new bulgy-eyed best friend is going to look splendid in all of Prompto's photographs. Just look at him! Pair him with a sombero-clad Noctis and a topless Gladio and let the good times roll. What's more, that free 10K will go a long way toward a luxurious stay at the Royal Suite in Altissia, especially since the Travel Pack included with Windows Edition knocks the price down to 15,000 a night.

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Twitch Prime brings the Kooky Chocobo to "FFXV." He's got a face for radio, that one. Square Enix

How to get the Twitch Prime Kooky Chocobo Bundle

There are several ways to go about accessing Twitch Prime, whether or not you have an Amazon Prime account. See which of the below scenarios applies best for you, then follow the appropriate steps.

1. No Amazon Prime: register to become a Twitch Prime member

· Visit twitchprime.com and sign up for a free 30-day trial. (You will need to enter payment information in advance to start the free trial.)

· Launch FFXV Windows Edition, then click on "Special Gift from Twitch Prime" in the main menu.

· Log-in and link your Twitch Account.

· Click the Crown Icon on Twitch.tv and click "Claim Offer" on the Final Fantasy XV loot.

· Restart the game to collect the special gift.

2. Link an existing Amazon Prime account to a non-prime Twitch account

If you're an Amazon Prime member, Twitch Prime membership is already included. Some of the perks include ad-free streaming, a channel subscription every 30 days, exclusive emoticons and chat options, as well as free in-game loot each month. There's even free games to be had!

  • In order to get these perks you're already paying for, head to Twitch.tv and click "Try Prime" in the purple navigation bar at the top.
  • If you're currently logged into both Amazon and Twitch, you'll be given the prompt to link your two accounts.
  • If you don't already have a Twitch account, you can create one for free, then link it to your Amazon Prime account to access Twitch Prime.

3.Get the goods from your existing Twitch Prime member account:

· Launch FFXV Windows Edition and click on "Special Gift from Twitch Prime" in the main menu.

· Log-in and link your Twitch Account.

· Click the Crown Icon on Twitch.tv and click "Claim Offer" on the FFXV loot.

· Restart the game to collect the special gift.

Is the purple chocobo available on PS4 or Xbox One versions of 'FFXV'?

For the moment, this perk is exclusively for FFXV Windows Edition owners with Twitch Prime, so you're out of luck. However, the recent release of the FFXV Royal Pack and Royal Edition saw the wider distribution of previously exclusive content (such as preorder bonus weapons, outfits and bundles), so it's possible this bulgy-eyed goof might be galloping onto your console at some point in the future. Just not any time particularly soon. Please dry your tears with this romantic Ignis collage we made.

Ignis birthday collage patrick
Stuff of dreams Square Enix / Newsweek / Patrick Aloia

Do you have a name for your Kooky Chocobo yet? Let us know in the comments.