'Final Fantasy XV' PC Download Time: When Will Windows Edition Unlock?

Final Fantasy XV comes to PC on Tuesday, March 6. Wondering what time you can download and unlock the game? We have all the necessary information, here.

UPDATE: Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available now. Go download it!

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition releases this week, boasting significantly upgraded visuals and all previously released DLC and expansions. Available through Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store, the game will unlock at 12 p.m. EST (9 a.m. PST) on Tuesday, March 6.

When Does Final Fantasy XV PC Preloading Begin? Can I Download Ahead Of The Release?

You can begin preloading the game now. We'd recommend you do so if you want jump in shortly after it unlocks, given FFXV's hefty file size. Running the game in 720 or 1080p will require 100 GB of space. You'll need even more room on your hard drive to run the game in 4K or 8K. Square Enix recommends having at least 155 GB free to experience Eos in all its glory.

Will I Lose My Demo Data? What Happens To My Progress?

Note that if you've already downloaded the FFXV Windows Edition demo, you will lose access to the demo if you pre-load the full game. Unfortunately, any game saves and progress you've made in the demo won't carry over, so hopefully you didn't spend too much time grinding.

Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonuses

Each of the three outlets mentioned above offers its own unique pre-order bonus.

  • The Microsoft Store offers the FFXV Powerup Pack, which includes the Doudanuki sword, 10 Elixirs and 10 Phoenix Downs.
  • Those who preorder on Steam will get the FFXV Fashion Collection as a bonus, which includes a selection of four t-shirts for Noctis to wear. Each one offers a special status buff. The Episode Gladiolus shirt boosts strength and the Episode Prompto tee accelerates HP recovery. The Episode Ignis t-shirt increases Noctis' critical rate and the Comrades t-shirt increases Noct's max HP. You'll also get access to The Sims 4 costumes and the Half-Life equipment pack.
  • Preorder the game via Origin to get the FFXV Decal Selection, some spiffy new decorations for the Regalia. Similar to the Steam deal, you'll also get The Sims 4 costumes and the Half-Life equipment pack.

Are you excited to play FFXV on PC? Which preorder bonus do you think is best? Let us know in the comments!