'Fire Balls 3D': How to Get a High Score in Voodoo App or Game Online

The current highest score for Fire Balls 3D posted online is 2,365,074.

In Fire Balls 3D, you fire a cannon at a tower made of circular blocks. The goal is simple: knock down the tower. But there are rotating guard rails in the way, just aching to deflect your cannonball, destroying the gun. (Publisher Voodoo calls your projectiles simply "dots," but that's a little boring.) You can hold down to rapid-fire, but hit the guardrail swirling around the base of the tower and you lose.

Voodoo describes Fire Balls 3D as a "single-tap hyper casual game" with unlimited levels. So, anyone who wants to beat the game is barking up the wrong tree. Instead, it's all about getting as far as you can and scoring as much as you can. It will take some practice, but with these tips, you might just stand a chance of scoring in the millions.

Fire balls to destroy this tower, but watch out for orbiting obstacles. Voodoo

Fire Balls From Anywhere

Fire Balls 3D is designed with click-y simplicity in mind, which extends even to the player interface. For my first couple of plays I did what seemed natural: clicking the cannon to fire. But clicking anywhere on the screen works just as well. That means firing balls can be accomplished from all sorts of positions and with any finger you choose. Therefore, it's best to find whichever method is most comfortable for quickly raising your firing finger. If using a thumb, place it in the most comfortable and maneuverable possible position. Perfect form makes for crumbling towers.

Don't Play It Safe

There's no time limit in Fire Balls 3D, and you can essentially fire through the gaps as carefully as you want. Sure, maybe taking forever and aiming every single shot is one way to get a high score, but there are several reasons it's better to move fast and play dangerously.

The first is that you get bonus points for taking risks, scoring additional points for each "Near Miss." These Near Miss bonuses stack, level-by-level, so they're worth more further you advance in the game: 70 points at Level 7, 110 points at Level 11, etc.

Even CLOSER! Voodoo

It's possible to get more than one Near Miss bonus by skirting the very edge of the rotating, blocking obstacle with rapid-fire. These points add up fast, so learning to fire right up to the last possible moment is a valuable skill.

Another big reason to keep firing and let off the trigger as little as possible are power-ups.

Beyond Fire Balls: How to Power Up

Watch the cannon closely while playing, because there's an important gauge right on top of the barrel where your balls fly out. As you fire, a circular, yellow meter will fill on top of your cannon. Fill up the meter and a lightning-bolt tab will appear on the left side of the screen. Click the tab to fire a lightning bolt that destroys 10 levels of the tower in a single shot. Even better, the lightning bolt will destroy any obstacles in the way, so if one of those roving rails is giving you problems, knock it out with a bolt.

The yellow meter that charges lightning bolt power-ups depletes almost as fast whenever your stop firing, so the only way to earn lightning bolts is to fire fast and often.

Watch the Barriers

At first glance, it looks like the rotating barriers circle the tower at a constant rate. This is true for a few rounds, but soon the barriers will start varying speeds, even reversing. These irregular rhythms are far more obvious in later levels:

Still, their movement isn't random. There's always a pattern.

Practice 'Fire Balls 3D' Online

You can also play Fire Balls 3D in your browser, though we don't really recommend it. Available on Best Games, the online version of Fire Balls 3D simply doesn't run as smoothly and has some seriously jaggy graphics. Still, if you got a craving for Fire Balls and don't have your phone handy, you could do worse.

Published by Voodoo, Fire Balls 3D is available on Android and iOS. The game is free, but you'll need to drop an additional $2.49 to get rid of the ads, which are incredibly intrusive.

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