Fireball Fills Ukrainian Sky as Paratroopers Blast Russian BMP-1 Tank

A huge fireball filled the sky as Ukrainian paratroopers blasted a Russian tank and detonated its onboard ammo, Ukraine military officials said, sharing video of the attack.

The Ukrainian military said the attack was carried out by members of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces, which boasts BMD-1 and BMD-2 airborne infantry fighting vehicles in its inventory.

The 25th Airborne Brigade carried out the attack in the central-eastern Ukrainian region of Sicheslav Oblast.

Paratroopers strike Russian tank in Ukraine
The paratroopers of the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine say they successfully destroyed a BMP-1, and as a result, detonated ammunition in Ukraine in May 2022. @dshv25odbr/Zenger

The brigade said Tuesday: "Sicheslavs continue to extend a 'hot' welcome the Russian occupiers!

"The result – a destroyed BMP-1 tank, detonation of ammunition, and fried enemies!"

The brigade added: "Believe in the Armed Forces!"

The Command of the Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also shared the video clip with the message: "This is how Sicheslav paratroopers destroy the Russian occupiers along with their armored vehicles.

"The result – a destroyed BMP-1 tank, detonation of ammunition, and fried enemies!"

"Together to victory! DShV - Always First! Glory to Ukraine!"

In the footage, a large fireball is seen rising into the sky after the paratroopers bomb a Russian tank next to a house.

Meanwhile, missiles shoot into the air as the tank's ammo apparently detonates in the flames.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin is still calling a "special military operation." Wednesday marks the 84th day of the campaign.

From February 24 to May 18, the total combat losses of Russian troops stand at around 28,300 personnel, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Between February 24 and May 18, the enemy's total combat losses included also 1,235 tanks (+16 over the past day), 3,009 armored fighting vehicles (+34), 586 artillery systems (+8), 199 multiple launch rocket systems (+1), 91 anti-aircraft warfare systems (+1), 202 aircraft (+1), 167 helicopters (+0), 2,137 motor vehicles and fuel tanks (+28), 13 boats/cutters (+0), 441 unmanned aerial vehicles (+5), 43 special equipment units (+0). A total of 102 enemy cruise missiles (+5) were shot down.

Meanwhile, the first war crimes trial in Ukraine - of Russian soldier Vadim Shishimarin, who stands accused of killing an unarmed civilian - will resume in Kyiv.

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.