Fired Officer on the Run With Kidnapped Daughters Abducts Man With Coworker's Help: Police

Baltimore County police announced on Twitter that a fired Baltimore County police officer, Robert Vicosa, allegedly kidnapped another person on Wednesday while on the run with his two daughters—whom he's also accused of kidnapping.

Vicosa and former coworker Tia Bynum (a police sergeant who is now suspended) were seen in the Cockeysville/Towson area, where they allegedly carjacked and kidnapped a man at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon, the police said.

Vicosa had his six and seven-year-old daughters with him at the time of the incident, according to PennLive. Vicosa and Bynum are considered armed and dangerous.

The suspected kidnapping came after Vicosa allegedly held his estranged wife at gunpoint, forced her to do drugs, and "repeatedly" sexually assaulted her, according to court documents. The documents, obtained by PennLive, allege that Vicosa invited his estranged wife to his home under the guise of celebrating her birthday.

After putting the girls to bed, she got ready to leave, but "before she could make it out the door, Vicosa grabbed her arms and put a handgun to her head." Bynum helped Vicosa "force his wife down to the basement, where Bynum and Vicosa put zip ties around her wrists and black rope around her ankles."

Police officer and car
Robert Vicosa and Tia Bynum are still on the loose and are considered armed and dangerous after being accused of a second kidnapping in Baltimore. This undated stock photo shows a police officer standing next to a cruiser with its lights on. Getty Images

Bynum allegedly forced her to snort a crushed OxyContin tablet and smoke marijuana before taking her upstairs and forcing her to have sex with him. She was able to leave the home Sunday (telling Vicosa she was going to pick up some items at her home) and drove to a Target where she asked an employee for help.

When police went to Vicosa's house, there was no sign of the suspect or his daughters. Both Vicosa and Bynum are still on the run and have the girls in tow. Investigators are actively looking into several leads in the second kidnapping case.

York Area Regional Police Lt. Ken Schollenberger implored Vicosa to return his daughters to safety at a news conference Wednesday morning.

"I want to plead to Mr. Vicosa: Sir, you are, at one time, you were a police officer. In your heart, you know that what you are doing is not right. You are a father. You are a father to these two young ladies. We're asking you, we're pleading with you, take them anywhere that you can," Schollenberger said. "Drop them off at a Sheetz, at a Rutter's, at any convenience store. Take them anywhere where there's a responsible person inside that they can go in and call 911...Do the right thing, Robert. Bring them back."

Vicosa joined the Baltimore County Police Department in 2014 and was fired in August of this year.

Vicosa is being charged with kidnapping, robbery, and assault, and Bynum is charged with false imprisonment, PennLive said.