Firefighters Pose Topless With Cats in Scorching Hot 2022 Calendar

Australian firefighters have just released their red-hot 2022 calendar, featuring the frontline workers posing with cats and other fluffy animals.

The annual calendar has set pulses racing for 29 years now, and this time out they've included a "summer" edition.

The heat is definitely turned up as the firefighters frolic at the beach and in the water, complete with sunglasses and ice creams.

In total there are six editions on offer, at $16 each, including cats, dogs, horse, classic and "mixed animal," along with the summer edition.

And for the first time in its near-three decade history, the calendar will be printed in Dallas for its U.S. fans.

David Rogers, director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, said: "The US has been such a huge supporter of the Australian Firefighters Calendar over many years now. We are so happy to be in a position to begin donating to U.S.-based charities now and into the future."

In a release, they explained the Texas location would ship to Canada, South America and Asia.

Rogers continued: "To be partnering with an organization as well respected as Greater Good Charities is the opportunity we have been waiting for. It was really important to us that the product was printed in the U.S. by an American company, employing American workers. For the Australian Firefighters it's really exciting to be involved."

Some proceeds will go towards Washington-based Greater Good Charities' Rescue Rebuild program, in particular.

Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar.
Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar. For the first time in nearly 30 years the calendar is also being printed in Dallas for its American fans. Australian Firefighters Calendar

They explained: "One of the projects the Greater Good Charities will be supporting will be the 'Lost Our Home' renovation. The project will be carried out by the Greater Goods Rescue Build team. Existing shelter rooms will be redesigned for animals requiring comfort after coming in from domestic violence situations."

Lesley McCave, director of partnerships for Greater Good Charities, said: "The Greater Good Charities are so excited to be partnering with the Australian Firefighters Calendar, we have been a huge supporter of their work through our social media channels for years now. This will be the start of a long-lasting partnership on charity projects across the U.S."

The firefighter team also praised the "overwhelming support" of Americans during the devastating bushfires, which ravaged large swathes of the country earlier this year.

Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar.
Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar. There are six designs this year, cats, dogs, horse, classic and mixed animal, along with summer. Australian Firefighters Calendar

Money raised from the states went to help animals severely injured in the blazes, including those at the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.

Byron Bay is just one of numerous hospitals and organizations to receive funding from the sale of the calendars, which have so far raised more than $3.2 million.

Other recipients include Native Animal Rescue, Wildcare Inc, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Australian Seabird Rescue, Fauna Rescue of SA, Healing Hooves, Thrive to Survive, Kids With Cancer Foundation and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Alongside the firefighters, the other stars of the calendar were named as Fudge the donkey, Ollie the labradoodle, Abigail the goat, Thumper and Flower the fluffy rabbits, Daisy the duckling, Digby the grey kangaroo, Jesse the wedge tail eagle, Pooh Bear the echidna and Marrok the stunning alpine dingo.

Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar.
Firefighters pose for Australia's 2022 calendar. The calendars donate proceeds from sales to good causes. Australian Firefighters Calendar

Correction: 11/15/21, 7:46 a.m. ET: This article was updated to correct inaccurate names and details in the original press release.