'Firestarter': How to Watch Zac Efron's Stephen King Movie Online

Firestarter, Stephen King's book about a young girl who can set things aflame with her mind, has been made into a new movie starring Zac Efron. The film will be streaming this May.

The Stephen King novel was first made into a film in 1984, with Drew Barrymore starring in the central role. For this 2022 version, newcomer Ryan Kiera Armstrong leads the cast, with Zac Efron starring alongside her as the father trying to protect her from a shady government agency.

Firestarter is getting only a cinematic release in many countries, but in the U.S. the movie will simultaneously be in theaters and available on streaming. Here's where and when Zac Efron or Stephen King fans can watch the horror movie.

When Is Firestarter Coming Out?

Firestarter came out in Argentina, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia and the Netherlands as a Thursday preview. In the rest of the world, the Stephen King movie releases on Friday, May 13 (except In France where it opens on June 1, and Japan where it comes out on June 17).

In everywhere except the United States, Firestarter is getting a purely theatrical release, because the streaming service owned by the company releasing the movie is currently only available in America.

Where Will Firestarter Be Streaming?

The movie is being released by Universal Pictures. As a result of this, the movie will stream exclusively on the NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock.

Sadly for viewers who were hoping they could watch the film free with a Peacock trial, the service discontinued this at the end of last year. Though the surface does have a free tier, this only offers a limited number of programs and films — and Firestarter won't be one of them for the time being.

This means that the cheapest way to watch the film will be to pay for a month of Peacock. The streamer offers two paid tiers. You can watch the movie with commercials as part of the Peacock Premium package, which costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, or you can watch without advertisements with a Peacock Premium Plus account at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

While shooting the film, director Keith Thomas told Entertainment Weekly that the new version was "a different Firestarter from the '80s Firestarter," adding that his movie was: "still very very true to what I see as the core of that novel, the very emotional core."

Producer Jason Blum revealed to the same outlet that the film comes with King's blessing: "I showed him the movie and he was happy with it. He was very generous with his response and his comments and I was very happy about that."

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Zac Efron in "Firestarter." The Stephen King adaptation comes to theaters and streaming in the U.S. this May. Universal