Fish Fixe Review: Tasty, Simple Seafood Delivered to Your Door

Fish Fixe review
Fish Fixe delivers premium responsibly sourced seafood to your door. Fish Fixe

Fish Fixe takes the guesswork out of finding great seafood that is responsibly sourced and makes it easy to restock with recurring deliveries. Fish Fixe isn't a meal delivery service, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, so you maintain creative control over each meal.

My favorite part of the experience is how Fish Fixe simplifies cooking the seafood. They include a few recipe suggestions in the box, and each package features instructions on how to prepare the seafood in several different ways, including the seasonings to use and the time to cook.

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The standard Fish Fixe box is $129 for 16 portions, and you can choose a one time purchase or delivery every month or up to every four months.

They also offer a Fixe Your Own Box for $139 that allows you to pick the seafood options and delivery timeline or a bigger box that includes 24 portions for $199. Rounding out the options are the Fish Fixe Half Pack for $99 with eight portions and the Fish Fixe Cake Sampler for $89 with six crab cakes.

What's in the Fish Fixe Box

Fish Fixe Review seafood delivery - box
The packaging, pictured here at a right angle from above, is excellent, and it stays cold even if you can't get the box until you are home from work. Josh Smith

The Fish Fixe box arrives with dry ice that keeps the seafood frozen and safe during transport. It's packaged well and easy to haul into the house. Even if you can't get to the box until after work, it's still cold.

Inside each type of seafood is in a resealable bag, and each portion is sealed inside that bag. The pack includes thawing instructions for in the fridge and a faster thawing method if you forgot to plan ahead. Cooking directions include stovetop and in the oven with seasoning suggestions. Some packages even include pairing options for other seafood, such as lobster and snapper.

Making Fish Fixe Meals

Fish Fixe Review seafood delivery -
Smart packaging shows you how to thaw and cook, plus the packaging holds all the waste to lock in the odor. Josh Smith

Simply grab the seafood you want to cook that evening out of the freezer in the morning and set it in the fridge for the recommended time. You don't need to remove the individual portions or do any prep, which is great for busy mornings.

Once you thaw the seafood, open the bag up and remove the individually wrapped portions. Prep the seafood for your preferred cooking method using the directions or your favorite recipe. I tried several of the simple ideas on the packaging, including cooking in the Halibut and Texas Redfish in the oven, shrimp on the stove, a lobster roll, lobster pasta, and crab cakes with a fresh fall salad from the local farmers market.

The bag is perfect for putting your prep trash in and sealing up so that you don't end up with smelly trash.

My Fish Fixe delivery included the Fish Fix seasoning, a mix of spices that go with practically anything in your box. I enjoyed it on the halibut and shrimp.

Fish Fixe Review seafood delivery - fish
Fish Fixe provides the fish, and you build our the rest of the meal. Josh Smith

Following the instructions gave me confidence in cooking seafood that I hadn't cooked before, and the portions were just right to cook in the provided time.

After successfully cooking in the oven, I pan cooked shrimp with the Fish Fixe seasoning for a quick work from home lunch. Simple recipes with simple ingredients added to the ease of a home-cooked meal.

The Fish Fixe crab cakes are incredible. They are gigantic, and there are large pieces of crab throughout. The flavoring is excellent, and the package includes directions to make for a meal or to split for appetizers. I paired it up with a simple mix of fall greens for one cake and saved the other for a snack.

Fish Fixe Review seafood delivery crab cakes
Generously portioned crab cakes are perfect for an appetizer or salad. Josh Smith

As I became a little more adventurous, I made a simple lobster roll using one portion of the included already cooked lobster. This simplified the prep so that the meal went from the refrigerator to plate in about 5 minutes using the packaging's suggestion.

For the remaining portion, I decided to amp things up for Lobster pasta. After finding a suitable sauce recipe online, I dove in for a slightly spicy lobster pasta with cherry tomatoes.

All the seafood was fresh, tasted amazing, and was well portioned and prepped for cooking. In all the cooking and tasting, I only found one bone in a filet. The quality and size of each portion were just right.

Is Fish Fixe Worth Buying?

Fish Fixe Review seafood delivery - lobster
Single portions make it easy to split seafood into separate meals. Josh Smith

After testing a sample of Fish Fixe seafood that the company sent over, I am impressed with the service's quality and convenience. I live in Ohio, so finding fresh seafood is a challenge.

The standard box is excellent for one or two people thanks to the serving sizes. When cooking a meal for my parents, I cooked two types of fish to have enough for everyone. If you are cooking for a family regularly, you may want to choose the make your own box option and build the portions out to fit your standard meals.

Fish Fixe makes it easy to get sustainably sourced seafood, and in my experience, it reduces the waste that can happen when you buy seafood ahead of time at a local store and then miss the date to cook it by a day.

With the ability to schedule recurring orders for every three months, I plan to add Fish Fixe to my meals again soon.