Fisherman Catches Monster Wolf Fish, Gives It a Lobster and Throws It Back

A fisherman caught a monster wolf fish, gave it a lobster to eat and threw it back into the ocean, a TikTok video shows.

Maine fisherman Jacob Knowles posted the video of himself catching the huge fish to his TikTok page, where it has been viewed 3.2 million times, and it has received over 407k likes.

At the beginning of the video, the huge fish can be seen lying on the floor of the boat. It lets out a growl as it thrashes around.

Knowles can then be seen picking up the fish and holding it up to the camera.

"It's trying to bite me," the fisherman says. "They can bite too."

The fisherman appears to struggle as he grapples with the huge creature.

The Atlantic wolf fish is a top predator, and with a row of long sharp teeth that can often be seen protruding from its mouth, it can inflict a very painful bite. They can grow up to five feet long, and weigh up to 50 pounds. They mainly feed on smaller fish and crustaceans.

"It killed everything in the trap," Knowles says in the video.

Knowles is a fisherman known for catching lobsters off Maine. Lobsters are caught using traps, which occasionally lure in other species, such as this wolf fish.

"We don't get them very often, they're protected," Knowles says in the video. "We let them go as soon as we get them. I guess we'll give him a snack seeing as he's already killed everything."

Knowles posts other videos of his life as a lobster fisherman to his TikTok page. Often, he will give lobsters a snack before throwing them back into the ocean. Knowles says that this particular snack, however, will create "more intense sound effects."

The fisherman lowers the fish toward a dead lobster that the fish had already killed. The fish lunges toward him for a second, and Knowles moves away from its mouth just in time.

"I'm scared," Knowles says as he dodges the fish's jaws.

The fisherman then lowers the fish to the lobster once again. The fish then opens its move and sinks its teeth into the lobster's shell.

Knowles then throws the fish—with the lobster still locked in its jaws—back into the ocean.

In a caption to the TIkTok video, the fisherman wrote: "No tik tok this is not dangerous. We handle #seacreatures every day, we are professionals."

"Omg i never knew fish could make that kind of noise," one TikTok user said in the comments.

Another said: "The thing literally growled like a dragon in the beginning..."

"Dude bit the lobster like it was nothing lmao," said one other Tik Tok user.

Newsweek has contacted Knowles for a comment.

 Wolf fish
A file photo of a wolf fish. A Maine fisherman caught one and threw it back into the ocean. gyro