Fistfight Breaks Out Between Adult Male Biden Supporters and Teen Trump Supporters in North Carolina

A fistfight between supporters of presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump broke out Saturday in North Carolina's York County.

Deputies said the scuffle broke out between two teen Trump supporters and two older men supporting Biden, according to a York County Sheriff's report obtained by Newsweek on Tuesday.

Both teens identifying as Trump supporters were 17 years old, while the men supporting Biden were listed as ages 24 and 51, said the sheriff's report.

The report stated that the supporters of both candidates were waving their respective Trump and Biden flags at the intersection of Gold Hill Road and S.C. 160 between Fort Mill and Tega Cay.

Florida Democrats and Republican Clash while Trump Holds Rally at The Villages THE VILLAGES, FL - OCTOBER 23: A supporter of Donald Trump drives by the Joe Biden rally during President Donald Trump's campaign stop at The Villages Polo Club on October 23, 2020 in The Villages, Florida. Supporters gather to help increase voter turn out in a heavily Republican voter district. What began as rivals waving flags by a North Carolina intersection on Saturday escalated to a fistfight between Trump and Biden supporters. Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images/Getty

Events escalated when one of the Biden supporters stepped on the teens' Trump flag, the sheriff's report said.

One of the teens asked if the men would remove himself from the flag, but he refused. As a result, the teen pushed the man off his flag, according to the sheriff's report.

The report added that the man then retaliated by pulling the teen's shirt, moving him toward the street. The other Trump-supporting teen attempted to help his friend by shoving the man.

However, the report stated that this only caused the man to retaliate further by striking the teen in the head with his Biden flag. The event escalated once more when the second Biden supporter began throwing punches at the teens, resulting in a fistfight between the four individuals.

During the fight, spectators called 911 to report what was happening. Deputies then responded to the scene shortly after.

Authorities concluded that all parties engaged in "mutual combat," according to the report. The people involved were told if anyone wished to pursue charges on the other they all would be charged.

The report noted that emergency medical service was called for the teen who was hit in the head but after examination, EMS said the teen was not seriously injured.

The four individuals then decided it would be best for everyone to go their separate ways without pursuing charges. The men left and the teens were released to their parents, the report said.

Representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties in York County condemned the behavior of both the men and teens.

"I'm always disappointed by people letting out their frustration in some way other than working hard to elect the candidate of their choice at the ballot box," John Kraljevich, York County Democratic Party Chair, told Newsweek on Tuesday.

Kraljevich also said that the fight was not supported by the York County Democratic Party. "If these folks wanted to be helpful to our candidates, we would have been more than happy to give them a clipboard or a phone bank list," said Kraljevich.

Tyler Griffin, chairman of the York County Republican Party, told Newsweek that "those individuals were not a part of our organization. The York County GOP condemns that kind of behavior and it is not representative of either political party."

Updated October 28, 2020, 9:53 AM ET, with additional comments.