Children 'Held Up' Movie Theater With Toy Cap Guns

Five children have been arrested for storming into a movie theater and threatening those inside with "firearms" that later turned out to be cap guns.

The juveniles, one girl and four boys aged between 10 and 16, are accused of yelling “everyone get their hands up” and firing the cap guns after running into the Bow Tie Majestic 6 theater in Stamford, Connecticut, on Sunday (April 23), reports WVIT.

Police were then called to the scene, with officers finding four of the minors near the corner of Washington and Tresser boulevards. Two cap guns were also seized from the children.

A fifth juvenile was later found near the theater with a backpack and a third cap gun.

The three who allegedly fired the cap guns inside the theater were arrested and charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, breach of peace and conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment and breaching the peace.

The other two were charged with breach and conspiracy to commit breach of peace.

majestic The Bow Tie Majestic 6 theater on 100 Summer Street in Stamford, Connecticut. All five minors were arrested for allegedly threatening those inside with cap guns. Google Maps

“This incident brings to light the dangerousness of the situation,” Stamford police Captain Diedrich Hohn said in a statement, reports the Stamford Advocate.

“The moviegoers in the theater were quite shaken up from this incident and this caused a great deal of concern from them as they attempted to enjoy a movie on a Sunday night.

"This incident was a very poor use of judgment by the juveniles in which an unfortunate incident did not turn into a more horrific one,” Hohn added.

Hohn also praised his officers who attended the scene in showing great restraint for what appeared to be an active shooter situation, based on the initial reports from the patrons inside the movie theater.

Police thanked those who witnessed the children running inside and firing the cap guns for their assistance and willingness to come forward.