GOP Senator Fires Back at Trump Over Arizona Senate Primary: 'I Made No Endorsement'

Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona fired back at the president early Wednesday morning over his claims that the Arizona Republican Senate nominee "rejected" Flake's endorsement.

Martha McSally, who's currently a representative for Arizona's 2nd congressional district, won the Republican primary Tuesday night. She'll face Democratic nominee Kyrsten Sinema this November in a bid to replace Flake, who is not seeking re-election.

"Martha McSally, running in the Arizona Primary for U.S. Senate, was endorsed by rejected Senator Jeff Flake…and turned it down—a first!" Trump tweeted following her Tuesday night primary win. "Now Martha, a great U.S. Military fighter jet pilot and highly respected member of Congress, WINS BIG. Congratulations, and on to November!"

Flake, a longtime critic of the president, shot back with a picture of a check made out to then–Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, lost in a special election to Jones in December 2017 following numerous allegations of dating underage girls and sexual misconduct with women. The check is made out for $100 to "Doug Jones for U.S. Senate," dated a week before the election.

"Sorry, @realDonaldTrump. I made no endorsement in this race," Flake said. "I think the last endorsement I made was in the Alabama race."

Flake and Trump have an ongoing history of taking public swipes at each other, both on Twitter and in the media.

On multiple occasions, Flake has pushed back on Trump's assault of the press.

"For without truth, and a principled fidelity to truth and to shared facts, Mr. President, our democracy will not last," Flake said in a speech on the Senate floor in January.

Flake also accused Trump of having "admiration for dictators and despots" after his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The president praised the dictator at their June summit, saying he wanted "my people" to "sit up in attention" when he speaks like Kim's do.

In May, Flake said Trump has a "bottomless appetite for destruction" during a Harvard Law School speech. In June, Flake threatened to start a movement with other senators to block the president's judicial nominations until there was a vote on tariffs and other issues.

The president has repeatedly used a version of Flake's last name to refer to him as a "flake."

McSally beat Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio, both of which have become controversial political figures.

Ward is a former Arizona state senator who claimed the late Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona timed his announcement that he would end medical treatment for brain cancer to purposely hurt her campaign. McCain died the next day.

Arpaio is a former Maricopa County Sheriff who was convicted of criminal contempt after ignoring a court order to stop racially profiling people when going after undocumented immigrants. Trump later pardoned Arpaio, saving him from any jail time he may have received.

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