Disney World Flooding Video Shows Florida Visitors Wading Through Submerged Streets

Florida visitors were forced to wade through ankle-high waters after the Walt Disney World Resort was struck by flash flooding on Monday.

Video footage has begun emerging on social media showing guests making their way through flooded streets.

One video, recorded at Disney's Hollywood studios, showed some guests frolicking in the water, prepared to make the most of their trip regardless of the weather conditions.

BBC Weather presenter Sara Thornton happened to be visiting the theme park near Orlando and posted footage of the submerged streets to her Twitter page.

"Flash flooding at Walt Disney World at Disney Park's Hollywood Studios this evening. One cast member said he'd never see the likes [of this] in 17 years," she wrote as a caption.

While some guests can be seen in waterproofs walking quickly and carefully through the water, others can be seen in shirts and tops dancing and playing in the water.

Posting a second video, she captioned it: "More footage from a very wet Walt Disney World at Disney Park's Hollywood studios after a very intense band of t-storms moved through Florida."

Another guest at the park recorded people walking through the heavy rain while the streets were already flooded.

Twitter user Ed Holmstrom captioned the video: "Lake Buena Vista has the tri-state region beat tonight. We weren't expecting 3 inches of rain while at Hollywood Studios."

Footage from TikTok user PagingMrMorrow, filmed during the heavy rain, has also proven popular. His video, posted on Monday evening, has been viewed over 1.6 million times and gained over 170,000 likes and 2,500 comments. It can be seen here.

The video was captioned with the title "best day ever" as it showed him recording himself standing in the rain while the Walt Disney theme song played. He was also able to capture footage of children running, jumping and playing in the rain.

Another user, Adrian Takes Disney, joked about the situation in a video that has been viewed over 400,000 times.

"Let's just say Disney World has a new water park located down Hollywood Boulevard," he wrote as a caption.


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♬ The Rain Came Down (2010 Remaster) - The Rambelins

While no severe weather was expected, the rain is desperately needed in Central Florida due to the drought conditions it has recently been battling, according to a Fox 35 report.

"Definitely welcomed rain for the region. We've really needed it," Meteorologist Brook Garner told Fox 35.

"The bottom line is we're going to rinse and repeat the next few days because we've got hot weather on the way with the high around the 90s the next couple of days."

Disney has not announced whether the heavy rain or flooding will affect Tuesday's operations.

Newsweek has contacted Disney World Florida for comment.

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Photo provided by Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom Park (pictured) is seen on October 8, 2014. Florida visitors were forced to wade through ankle-high waters after the Walt Disney World Resort was struck by flash flooding on Monday. Getty Images.