'The Flash' Season 4 Episode 16 Spoilers: Who Are The Bus Metas?

The Flash Season 4 episode 16, "Run Iris, Run," is one of the most exciting moments in series history. Iris West saves Central City and lets everyone know she's a hero even without speedster abilities. We also learn the identities of DeVoe's last two bus metas. Here are the episode highlights. This article contains major spoilers for the most recent episode of The Flash.

iris west speedster the flash
Iris West suits up. CW

Who is Melting Point? (Or Melting Pot?)

Melting Point is a metahuman with the ability to swap elements of DNA from one to another. Matthew (played by Leonardo Nam of Westworld) was on the bus that was struck with dark matter when Barry re-entered Earth from the speed force.

matthew king melting point pot Leonardo Nam
Matthew Kim aka Melting Point on 'The Flash.' CW

How did Iris get her powers?

In the episode's opening, Joe and Iris question Melting Point, aka Matthew Kim, about an ongoing police investigation. Matthew puts a knife to Iris' throat, so Joe is forced to call Barry onto the scene. When The Flash touches Matthew, Barry's powers get transferred to Iris.

Iris is called to save people from a burning building for her first mission. She's got the speed down (it's purple!!), but has a hard time mastering the trademark 'phase' trick under pressure. Cisco vibes Iris back to STAR Labs when her legs gets trapped under concrete. She gets her redemption later in the episode when she creates a tidal wave to put out a fire cyclone in Central City, a trick not even Barry has done before.

After Iris saves Central City, she asks Matthew to give Barry his powers back. She wants to lead Team Flash and write her blog full time.

A New Thinking Cap

DeVoe boosted his intelligence with a 'Thinking Cap by neuro-chemical engineering the dark matter form the particle accelerator explosion. Harry wants to re-engineer the cap and do the same experiment on himself. The experiment is successful, and Harry was able to analyze every possible outcome to let Iris know how to save Central City.

Thinking_Cap the flash
Clifford DeVoe used the Thinking Cap to become The Thinker and take down Barry Allen. CW

Who Are The Last Two Bus Metas?

The name we heard first, and exists in DC comics records, is Edwin Gauss. He is considered one of the world's greatest minds (after Mr. Terrific.) No wonder why The Thinker is interested, Gauss is a MIT graduate hoping to perfect Einstein's Unified Field Theory. This tech allows him to travel between dimensions, earning the name Folded Man. The second name is Janet Petty, which doesn't yield any solid results from the DC library.

edwin gauss the flash season 4 episode 16 folded man bus metas
Edwin Gauss, aka Folded Man, debuted in 'Flash Vol 2 #153'. Created by Brian Augustyn, Mark Waid, and Paul Pelletier. CW

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.