'The Flash' Season 4 Finale Explained: Like Father, Like Daughter

"I think I made a big mistake," says mystery girl, who reveals herself to be Nora West Allen in The Flash Season 4 finale episode, "We are the Flash." Her appearance was far from a surprise, but the name change was a nice twist. In the comic books, the daughter of Iris and Barry is Dawn Allen, one half of their offspring, the "Tornado Twins."

By "a big mistake," Nora refers to saving the world. She seems to have been watching The Flash right with us all season long, appearing four times since her surprise visit to the West-Allen wedding. In this year's finale, The Thinker's villainous "enlightenment" plan was almost complete, but then a streak of purple lightning starts trailing Barry's. It's Jessica Parker Kennedy (Colony), wearing the same jacket Iris wore when she gained speedster powers a few episodes ago. Just as Barry is about to superspeed punch the satellites hovering over Central City under control of The Thinker, Nora reverses time. They try again. This time, knowing Barry acting alone could result in his death and subsequently prevent her own birth, Nora assists Barry in punching down The Thinker's satellites. Central City is saved.

nora west allen the flash season 4 finale speedster
Barry and Iris named their daughter Nora, after Barry's mother. CW

This sort of time-travel stuff isn't new on The Flash. Like father, like daughter. Barry went back in time to save his mother at the end of Season 2, resulting in a Flashpoint timeline in Season 3 that changed the lives of everyone in the Arrowverse. For example, before Flashpoint, John Diggle had a daughter. After Flashpoint, John Diggle had a son. This same concept could apply to Nora's new time mishap. It's anyone's guess what could be different when Season 5 opens. There is, however, an interesting connection between Barry's time inside the speed force earlier this season and the appearance of Nora.

The first thing Nora said when she walked into the West household was "this house is bitchin." That should sound familiar: earlier this season, when Barry was stuck in the speed force prison for six months, he came out with a jumbled mind. In the psychosis prompted by experiencing his life over and over again, he talked about a lot of things. One of the few understandable phrases he said was "Nora shouldn't be here," a clear foreshadowing of the finale. But when he wasn't muttering, he scribbled a bunch of symbols on the wall. Cisco translated those symbols to mean, "This house is bitchin." Team Flash could never figure out what that meant. And we still don't really know why that specific phrase is the main thing Barry took from that traumatic speed force experience, but we did see Nora writing those symbols too, which can't be a coincidence.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Flash boss Todd Helbing teased Nora came to the present Flash timeline for a specific reason, and it wasn't just to creep on family from the past. "You're gonna learn about why she chose those four times and how they're gonna play into not only the mistake that she made, but the consequences for somebody like her, a speedster traveling from the future to the past, and what that means for Barry and the team," he said.

the flash season 5 nora allen speedster big mistake season 4 finale
Can Barry Allen help his daughter fix her "big mistake"? CW

The Flash has introduced more than a dozen speedsters over the course of four seasons, and with a significantly more complex introduction than the rest, Nora is certainly the most intriguing so far. The finale suggests she actually might be faster than her father. Barry was running full throttle as he approached The Thinker's satellites. Nora stayed behind him until the very last moment to seemingly help unnoticed, sprinting to deliver her punch at the same time as Barry in the final moments. While Wally West developed his speed at a faster rate than Barry, Nora seems to be flat-out faster, with much greater knowledge of the inner workings of the speed force. She appears a bit more confident and impulsive (emphasis on Impulse) than her parents, which should be a lot of fun moving forward.

While the end of The Thinker was nothing extraordinary, especially considering all The Flash has done over the past four years, the simple prospect of seeing Barry and Iris interact with their daughter from the future is more than enough to keep the fandom healthy until the Season 5 premiere. Do you think Nora Allen messed up the timeline more than Flashpoint? Any ideas on the specifics of the "big mistake"? Let us know in the comments below.