'The Flash' Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Killer Frost Deserves Better

The mysteries surrounding Caitlin Snow's father and her true Killer Frost origins have been in the background for far too long in The Flash. Season 5 episode 6, 'The Icicle Cometh" attempts to address the situation once and for all, but does so in completely underwhelming fashion. The big reveal of Thomas Snow falls flat, and few short quips between supporting characters are pretty much all the episode has to offer aside from a couple Easter eggs.

Most of those Easter eggs all tie into the "cold" family of villains. Caitlin's father, who revealed himself to be DC villain Icicle by the end of the hour, mentioned two other familiar names. Louise Lincoln was the second of version of Killer Frost in the comics, a colleague of the first Killer Frost, Crystal Frost. Icicle also mentioned Victor Fries, the civilian name of Batman villain Mr. Freeze. Interestingly enough, his wife Nora Fries will appear in this year's crossover event, played by Cassandra Jean Amell.

killer frost cailtin snow the flash season 5 origins thomas snow
Caitlin Snow investigates her fathers fake death. CW

So all that is cool, but it doesn't hide the fact that the reveal of Caitlin's origins and the whole spooky father mystery were saddled with frankly terrible dialogue. It was all but unbearable by the episode's usually impactful final fifteen minutes.

After being diagnosed with ALS, Thomas Snow experimented on himself to try and cure his disease, but it didn't work, so he quarantined himself. While the progression of his disease stopped, Caitlin's mother locked him away. Turns out, the version of Thomas locked away was actually Icicle, his dual personality/villainous alter-ego.

While the duality fits with the Killer Frost family traits — Killer Frost was once Caitlin's evil alter-ego — it felt like the wrong twist here. Caitlin's life has been adversely affected by men, time and time again. It would have been nicer to see a much warmer (no pun intended) familial storyline for her. Don't we have enough bad parents in the Arrowverse? Thomas Snow's intentions were good. His daughter also had the ALS gene and he was trying to save her. Why not just run with that? Not to mention, her origins weren't explained with much care; the timeline of the science mumbo-jumbo was hard to follow.

icicle dc comics the flash season 5 thomas snow killer frost
Caitlin's father Thomas Snow, a.k.a. Icicle. Cw

The episode succeeded in the sense that it forwards Caitlin's personal arc, but at the same time, I'm not very excited about Icicle's return. That's saying something, because the "cold" villains are my favorite. Another Killer Frost-Icicle battle sounds cool, but I'm just tired of seeing Caitlin do too much, all the time. Caitlin deserves better in The Flash Season 5. After five seasons of no backstory, the introduction of Caitlin's father could have been a bit more interesting. All the build-up was a letdown, especially as a Killer Frost fanatic.

Elsewhere in the episode, it was nice to see the OG Flash team — Cisco, Caitlin and Barry — go on a mission by themselves. The Ralph and Cecile pairing was… fine… and the chemistry between Nora and Iris grows each episode. Still, a disappointing start to the return of Killer Frost.

— Best line of the night from Cisco: "It smells like science in here."

—If I have to hear Cicada say some variation of, "All of you will die" one more time…