Flashback: Michael Jackson at the White House

The Gaggle is usually a blog focused on politics, but we'd be remiss not to mention some of the moments when Washington intersects with pop culture. To mark Michael Jackson's sudden death this afternoon, your Gaggler thought it might be appropriate to remember the King of Pop's visit to the White House back in 1984 as a guest of Ronald Reagan. "Well, isn't this a Thriller," Reagan joked. Jackson, who was 25 at the time, was given a plaque for allowing his song "Beat It" to be used in the administration's anti-drunk driving ads aimed at teenagers. There was no moonwalking, but Jackson was wearing his signature look of the early 1980s, including sequined socks and that one glittered glove. "I'm very very honored," Jackson said shyly, as he was interrupted by the shreiks of fans on the South Lawn. "Thank you very much, Mr. President and Mrs. Reagan."