Flavor Flav 'Still Traumatized' After He Was Almost Crushed to Death by Boulder

Flavor Flav has been recounting the details of a horrific near-death experience he endured on Tuesday, when a boulder hit his car and came close to killing him.

The hip-hop legend—real name William Jonathan Drayton Jr.—was driving along Los Angeles County's La Tuna Canyon Road, when heavy rain caused a boulder to roll down the cliffside, hitting his car's left side and leaving it very seriously damaged.

A representative of the 62-year-old star told Entertainment Tonight that he briefly lost control of the vehicle, adding that: "If Flav had just been a few feet in another direction, the boulder would've killed him."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier on Wednesday, the Public Enemy co-founder said that he was "still traumatized," as he recalled the moments surrounding the incident.

"I was driving through the canyon and I didn't know there were falling rocks, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "I seen a lot of rocks in the street and everything and I said, 'OK, there's some falling rocks here.'

"But there was no sign saying falling rocks or anything like that, you know? And as I'm driving, Kevin, all I see is this big giant object coming across my windshield and then it hit the street. And as soon as this boulder hit the street on the right side of my car, the rock grazed my car."

"I was going maybe 36 miles per hour when that boulder came down in front of my car," he went on. "If I was doing like, 42, 43 miles per hour that would've pushed me up a few seconds earlier, that boulder would have crushed the hood and the windshield of my car. I mean, God is good. God wasn't ready for me, Kev. I think he wanted for me to sit here with you and be talking about it."

The New York native went on to recount how he drove away as soon as his car was hit by the boulder, for fear that more boulders were approaching

TMZ, which first reported the news, unveiled the aftermath of the crash in photos that showed the damage to the car.

"I'm still traumatized, bro. I'm seeing flashbacks like crazy right now," Flav said in his interview with Frazier. "When I went to go to sleep last night, all I kept seeing was that big rock falling in front of my car, man.

"The only thing I could do for myself is try to leave it in the past now, just move forward because I'm grateful to be here... I feel like a cat that just got another life."

In early October, the musician was arrested by the Henderson Police Department on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge regarding a dispute in Las Vegas, People reported at the time.

His attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, said in a statement to the publication: "In alleged domestic violence cases, there are often two sides to the story, and we will explain our side in the courtroom and not in the media."

On October 19, Flav marked one year of sobriety after giving up alcohol. Observing the milestone in a Twitter post, he wrote: "[Next] year I pray my whole family will be [walking] the same path I am."

Flavor Flav
Flavor Flav attends Republic Records Grammy After Party at 1 Hotel West Hollywood on January 26, 2020, in West Hollywood, California. The hip-hop legend has recounted details of almost being crushed by a boulder while driving in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records