For Flick Fanatics

LOOKING TO FIND OUT IF A FILM IS A BLOCKBUSTER OR SIMPLY A BUST? LOG on to ( Created by the entertainment-obsessed folks at E! Online, the site offers an encyclopedic database of films new and old. Almost every listing includes a synopsis, a trailer and links to reviews from newspapers and magazines. Siskel and Ebert wanna-bes can register their own reviews, which are compiled with other users' ratings for a composite score. Based on what you've thumbed your nose at in the past, the site can also generate a personalized list of flicks worth renting. And if you step away from your Dolby-surrounded couch, will e-mail you a reminder a day or two before your must-see movies air on TV, are released on video or hit the theater. It even locates the video-rental store nearest you and lists screening times at your local multiplex. Log on, log off and pass the popcorn, please.