Florida Man Wearing Tuxedo and Brandishing Knife Is Shot Dead by Former Boss

A confrontation between two men at a Florida apartment complex turned deadly yesterday after police responded to a call and found one individual deceased from a gunshot wound.

The Jupiter Police Department said in a media release that officers had been dispatched to the 800 block of University Boulevard on July 4, at approximately 12:10 a.m. Soon after, they received several more calls about possible shots fired in the area—later traced to The Sophia Abacoa Apartments complex.

A preliminary investigation revealed a man called Louis Rivera, 65, had been stabbed outside his home after being confronted by James Dorcilien, 32, identified as a former employee.

Rivera told deputies that after he had been stabbed he fired his weapon in self-defense and Dorcilien fled on foot. Police said officers found Dorcilien's body in the apartment complex during a search of the area. Rivera is a maintenance manager at the building, and it emerged Dorcilien was a former worker.

Witnesses said the killed man had been spotted in the area wearing a tuxedo prior to the fatal incident, according to local media outlet WPTV-TV. Residents said they heard at least three gunshots ring out.

People who live at The Sophia Abacoa had just finished hearing the nearby fireworks show.. then heard several gun shots and knew some wasn’t right. Residents say complex maintenance workers got into a fight that ended with a stabbing and shooting death of one of the men. @WPTV pic.twitter.com/wOReCwmDCX

— Erica Rakow (@EricaRakow) July 4, 2019

Police said Rivera was taken to St. Mary's hospital and is in a stable condition, adding: "This investigation is currently ongoing and additional information will be released as it becomes available." Lawandcrime.com reported the weapon in the incident was a knife.

Charleen Alioto, Rivera's fianceé, told WPTV-TV that her husband pulled out his revolver and shot the alleged assailant as protection. "He ran up on us," she said. "We were outside checking our car because he was around, and he just came running up on us. He lost it, and it's just a huge shock to the community. It's devastated our family. Nobody wants to take someone's life, but he had to protect our family."

Alioto said her partner was being treated for an injury to his arm and told local media it is likely to require surgery. It was not immediately clear what had sparked the fight between the two men.

Erica Rakow, a journalist who attended the scene, tweeted a brief interview with local resident Kevin Molidor who said he knew the deceased man and overheard a "verbal altercation" just prior to the shots.

Molidor said: "I went upstairs in my apartment to make sure my kids were OK. I came back down and it was just mayhem. Helicopters and cops everywhere. Later we found it was people who worked here." Another resident, Bruce Balsam, told the Palm Beach Post newspaper he thought the noises were fireworks which were taking place the same night.

Crime Scene (iStock)
File photo: Emergency police response. Investigation revealed Louis Rivera, 65, had been stabbed outside his home by James Dorcilien, 32, identified as a former employee. iStock