Florida Woman Pleads for Disabled Dog's Return After It Was Stolen Along With Her Vehicle: 'Bring My Baby Back'

A woman in Florida has launched a heartbreaking appeal after her car was stolen which had her disabled dog inside at the time.

Wanda Ferrari said she had left her pet husky-shepherd mix, Zorra, in her vehicle with the air conditioning on while she briefly went into a Dollar Tree store in Oakland Park, Florida, on Thursday, October 4.

When she returned, she realized that her 2005 blue Volvo station wagon had been stolen, along with her 13-year-old dog. Ferrari is now desperate that her beloved pet be returned to her. Zorra uses a pink wheelchair to get around as her back legs are paralyzed.

"If you have her please bring her back," an emotional Ferrari told CBS Miaimi. "She's been my rock and my whole world my whole life. I rescued her and she rescued me."

Discussing how she felt when she realized Zorra had been taken, Ferrari said: "I was in shock. And you know, the shock wore off and then I was traumatized, and in tears, because my girl was in the back. I'm like, 'who would do that? Who would take a car with a dog?' They probably didn't know."

The Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida said they are offering a $2,000 reward to anyone who helps return the dog to her owner.

"My friend got her car stolen yesterday on Andrews Ave and 34th St in Plaza with dollar tree and save a lot and auto zone around 12:30-1:00 and her handicap dog was in the back seat," the rescue group wrote on Facebook. "She is beyond devastated...It's [a] husky/Shepard [sic] and it has a pink wheelchair and hopefully she will be Ok."

Further appealing to the perpetrators, Ferrari said: "Whoever took the car, if you just need the car, that's not a problem. Just please take care of my baby and let me know where to come get her. Please, if you have her, please, just bring my baby, please bring her back. I don't care about the car. Bring my baby back."

Ferrari has also recently discovered that she is suffering a reemergence of breast cancer that she had previously survived, making the disappearance of her dog harder to cope with.

"There are a lot of places where they could have dumped the dog and put the dog on the side of the road," Ferrari told Local News 10. "My poor baby could be sitting there dying right now."

The incident is being investigated by the Broward Sheriff's Office. Spokeswoman Miranda Grossman told Local News 10 that Ferrari's phone and tablet were also inside her car when it was stolen.

Florida Woman Pleads for Disabled Dog's Return After It Was Stolen Along With Her Vehicle: 'Bring My Baby Back' | U.S.