Florida Dog Found With Knife Stuck in Back Has Been Put Down

A dog that was found "with a knife stabbed in the back" after an incident in Florida on April 7 has died.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office announced on its Facebook page that Marley, described as a Labrador by the witness who found him, was euthanized after being taken to vets following the brutal attack which occurred at 6:30 am local time on Henderson Smith Rd in Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida.

The Sheriff's office wrote: "On 4/7/22, one of our deputies received a call about Marley, pictured here. Marley was found with a knife stabbed in his back and needed immediate medical attention.

"Marley was taken to a veterinarian and regretfully, was euthanized because of this horrible incident."

Lisa Hadley, a Milton local, was the first person to spot Marley. She told WKRG: "I got out of my vehicle and looked at him. He had a knife handle sticking out of his spine.

"He just laid there—suffering."

Hadley said that she contacted authorities, adding that at one stage Marley rolled over causing a long, sharp, and bloody knife to fall out of his back.

Hadley, still shocked at the animal abuse she discovered, told the news station: "This is not an aggressive dog. This is a beautiful lab. This is a child's dog. How they could do that—I just don't understand.

"If you're in fear for your life, I can understand protecting yourself, but this dog is not an aggressive dog. I don't think he was attacking anyone."

Hadley said: "It's very hard to see someone do something like this. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

"I'll do anything I can."

Each year over 10 million animals are killed in the U.S. alone as the result of abuse, with one animal suffering abuse each minute, according to website Pawsome Advice. It is estimated that 65 percent of these animals are dogs.

The Humane Society says that there is a strong correlation between the abuse of animals and domestic abuse. It adds that one survey showed that 71 percent of domestic abuse survivors said their pet was also targeted.

Additionally, research has revealed that in families under investigation for child abuse, pet abuse had taken place in 88 percent of homes under supervision for the physical abuse of children.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff's department is currently investigatingMarley's stabbing. Anyone with information regarding the case should call the non-emergency line on 850-983-1190.

Information and tips can also be supplied anonymously by calling Santa Rosa Crime Stoppers at 850-437-STOP. The sheriff's office added that it is offering a possible reward of $3,000.

An image released by Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office. Police have launched a criminal investigation after Marley, described by a witness as a Labrador, was found stabbed on April 7. anta Rosa County Sheriff's Office