Florida Inmate Mails Postcard to Second Prisoner Soliciting Murder of Another Inmate

A Florida inmate in the Land O' Lakes Detention Facility was re-arrested yesterday for sending a postcard to another inmate in the same prison for soliciting a hit on a third inmate.

Charles White, 40, of Zephyrhills, who was initially arrested on narcotics charges, allegedly mailed a postcard last month to associate Shaun Yeomans, 41, also locked up in the Pasco County jail over drug charges, requesting the hit of a third inmate, 21-year-old Lionel Florez, according to a complaint affidavit.

When asked how the postcard was intercepted, Kevin Doll, Pasco County Sheriff's Office's Community Relations Director, told Newsweek: "We review all mail for inmates going in and out of the jail."

Both White and Yeomans are documented members of white supremacist gangs. White reportedly attempted to ask Yeomans to conduct the murder because he was housed separately from Florez, whereas Yeoman was kept closer to him.

"Before the date of June 21, 2019, the defendant, Charles White, sent a postcard via the United States Postal Service to a criminal gang associate of his, Shaun Yeomans," according to authorities.

The postcard "referenced having the victim, Lional Florez, harmed to avenge the death of his son at the hands of Lional's brother." Florez was jailed in May for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

While being interviewed by police, White admitted to sending the postcard and wanting Florez killed. White also declared that he would "kill him himself" if he was housed with Lional," police say.

According to WFLA, White was re-arrested on Tuesday on one felony charge of first-degree attempted solicitation/conspiracy to take a life.

Land O' Lakes, a census-designated place in Pasco County, Florida, has a crime rate — one per one hundred residents — lower than 66 percent of all cities, towns and villages in America, according to Neighborhood Scout. Around 89 percent of Florida communities have a higher crime than Land O' Lakes, whose roughly 31,000 residents have a 1 in 36 chance of becoming victim to either a violent or property crime in the area.

White's arrest comes a week after another man, who was released from the same Land O' Lakes Detention Center last Monday, was arrested again later that day for attempting to break into and steal 26 different vehicles in the jail parking lot.

Shortly after Dennis Libonati, 68, of Homosassa, was released from the Pasco County jail, police responded to a "complain of a suspicious person in the parking lot of the LOL [Land O' Lakes' Detention facility]," according to a criminal complaint.

When authorities arrived, they found Libonati in an area restricted to official use only. Libonati admitted to officers during questioning that he had attempted to break into "all the aforementioned vehicles with the intent to steal one to use for transportation," according to police.

This story has been updated to include additional information from Kevin Doll.

Charles White Florida man
Charles White, 40, was rearrested on Tuesday for sending a postcard to a second Land O’ Lakes Detention Facility inmate seeking the murder of a third inmate. Pasco County Sheriff's Office