Florida Man Abandoned Son on the Side of the Road Because He Thought the Child Was Gay, Police Say

Haines City Police Department arrested Evenaud Julmeus on Sunday after they determined that he had left his son on the side of the road after an argument where he accused the boy of being gay.

Local news channel WSBTV reported that the boy, whose name has not been disclosed, was discovered outside of a police station on December 1 carrying a duffel bag with a few items of clothing. He had no food, water or money on his person.

According to the police report, Julmeus had discovered the boy watching male pornography on his cellular phone and the pair began to argue. The conflict escalated until the older man told his son to pack a bag and get into the car.

Evenaud Julmeus Mugshot
Evenaud Julmeus mugshot Haines City Police Department

They drove for some time until they reached a police station. Once there, Julmeus allegedly told the boy that "police will find you a new home." The station was closed for the day.

After leaving the police department, Julmeus stopped the car in a turn lane on U.S. Highway 27 and forced the boy to get out.

A bystander told police that they saw the child get out of the car and Julmeus pull a U-turn and leave the scene. They then picked up the kid and drove him back to the station, where they pressed a button to alert officers.

According to the affidavit, Julmeus then returned home. When the child's mother, Janay Capri Angervil, asked where the boy ways, Julmeus told her she could pick him up at the police station.

Angervil immediately left to pick up her son, leaving Julmeus home with her other two children, a 9-year-old girl and a toddler. Soon after she drove off, Julmeus fled before officers could arrive, leaving the children home alone.

He turned himself into police the next morning and was booked into Haines City Jail and released on bond on December 3.

Julmeus's criminal record shows multiple traffic violations as well as a previous arrest in 2014 for misdemeanor battery (domestic violence). He was released on bond in that incident and the case was never brought to trial.

Police charged Julmeus with three counts of negligent child abuse, one for abandoning the boy and the other two for leaving the children at home without supervision.